Some Broncos players weren’t thrilled with padded practice this week

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The Broncos, in some ways, have become even more glamorous in the aftermath of director Nathaniel Hackett’s dismissal.

Beyond a concerted effort to rally around quarterback Russell Wilson, beyond an effort that seems rooted in making the team as attractive as possible to potential coach candidates, the interim Coach Jerry Rosberg opted for a padded practice, with two meaningless regular-season games left.

Rosberg told reporters on Thursday that he chose padded practice because under his labor contract, the team could have had one more padded practice this year. Just because they are available doesn’t mean you have to use padded exercises.

Rumors circulated that some players (those who hoped to be as healthy and resurrected as possible from the final day of a lost season) weren’t happy with that.

why should they be? Since the movie is a movie, playing in his last two games requires maximum effort and physical risk, but by the end of a given season, players will have to keep their bodies in check. We do what we can. Padded exercises don’t help that effort.

And it’s not like they’re magically trying to get up and make Rosberg a full-time employee. After his coordinator Ejiro his Evero captained the wrecks in his two games against his team in the playoffs of the Chiefs and Chargers, it was a distant plan B. everyone knows.

The bottom line is that the balance for the 2022 season is to ensure that flak-ridden plane crashes land as smoothly as possible, minimizing player injuries and boosting morale among a roster sure to be overhauled. is to minimize the problem of .. perhaps in the coming months.

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