Senators beat Capitals 4-3 (OT)

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The Washington Capitals’ winning streak came to an end.

It took one period, but Alex Ovechkin opened the scoring with a breakaway strike early in the second. Dylan Strom quickly doubled that lead with a pinpoint shot to the roof.

Jake Sanderson sent the puck from multiple bodies up front to get Ottawa on the board. Evgeny Kuznetsov regained his two-goal advantage for the Caps in a sweet move. Tim Stätzle, benefiting from an absolute gift from Trevor van Riemsdijk, scored a very late second period goal to shorten the lead.

Alex Devlincat equalized late in the third minute, ending in extra time.

The Senators defeated the Capitals 4-3.

  • If you hate watching Capitals Overpass, you hate the first period. The Senators had the first 11 shots on goal. None of them were very threatening, but that was mostly due to Caps missing scoring chances.Sometimes you just have to shoot the damn thing. Many times it felt like I was holding the puck two feet away from Talbot, but it wasn’t. His first 20 minutes from the home side were the worst, the worst, the worst.
  • Marcus Johansson I left Capps’ bench in the first frame, but was back at the beginning of the second period, in case I needed another injury to worry about.
  • someone recently let go, apparently Alex Ovechkin “Milan” is an Italian surname, and we all know he’s been running Sony before games lately, whatever this (next video) is.
  • The Capitals were definitely the second worst from a numbers standpoint, but managed to score three goals. Senators absolutely positively owned the neutral zone. It wasn’t even close. massacre.
  • was Darcy Kemper stumbled Claude Giroud Before Sens’ second goal? Yeah, probably.does that mean Trevor Van Riemsdyke Should a goal be given right after? No, I usually get horrified from players I admire on nearly every night except this one.
  • Ovi nearly won the game with 803 career goals on the breakaway.Great Outlet Pass from Red Hot Eric Gustafson make him spring
  • The most beautiful goals of this period were Evgeny Kuznetsov Completely against the flow of play, he made multiple defenders look ridiculous and impatient Cam Talbot For a sneaky down-low strike. It felt like a vintage 2018 coussy to me.
  • Caps capped the amount somewhat in third, but it was still not good at all. I don’t know what they were doing in this game. Discard the tape.
  • For example, can you name a Caps player who played well in this game?I don’t think it was Kemper That Compare that to his shutout in New York. But he definitely saved them points. That’s for sure, and it’s still huge now.
  • Anthony Mansa drive me completely crazy. I’m a stats nerd, so I know his game is great in that area, but he hasn’t done anything to impact an incredibly long season in my eyes. He has also kept a clean sheet in seven games. He has so much ‘reach’ and softness in the game. Am I the only one who feels this way?
  • I feel like a lot of people are noticing John CarlsonHis absence if he’s really out for the long term, no matter what he’s doing.

Another team from north of the border is in the next town as the Caps aim to get back on their feet quickly. The Montreal Canadiens and Cole ‘Goal’ Corfield head to his DC on Saturday.

Headline photo courtesy of @pennybacker

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