Report: Jets to move on from Zach Wilson after the season

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Most first-round quarterbacks take three years to prove themselves. Jets quarterback Zach Wilson only gets two.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer Jets move from Wilson After the 2022 season. According to Glazer, the Jets have lost faith in Wilson and Wilson has lost confidence in himself. To tell.

Wilson has a fully guaranteed salary of $3.855 million in 2023 and $5.453 million in 2024. The amount you pay for backup isn’t ridiculous, but the Jets may have to bear some of the burden to make the trade happen.

Whatever they do, it’s smart to let Wilson have a fresh start somewhere. Some teams will be tempted to squat on Wilson for fear of getting a Chris Carter-style wake-up call after Wilson has been dumped.

With more and more college players making NIL money, high-end quarterbacks will pay more attention than ever to how their teams treat their young players. If the Jets don’t do the right thing by Wilson, their inevitable next likely Joe Namath may say “no thank you” for fear of enduring a similar outcome.

But Wilson’s time in New York was wasted. It remains to be seen where he will end up next and whether he will do better with his new team.

His best play might be to go to a team like the Chiefs and learn a year or two from Patrick Mahomes. Wilson has high-end features. But as he tries so hard to play superhuman, he stumbles on easy things.

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