Ravens Defense Isn’t Satisfied After Another Dominant Showing

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“That was typical Marlon Humphrey,” said head coach Jon Harbaugh. “He was given a tough job. He got London. And being a quarterback, he has a connection. . [Kyle] Hamilton.Of course Marcus Williams and Chuck [Clark]Nothing really deep for us. At the moment it’s difficult to get the ball out on the field in safety, so I’m very happy with the overall defense. “

Atlanta entered the game with the third best rushing offense in the NFL, but even without Campbell, the defensive line had a strong day as Baltimore held the Falcons to 115 yards rushing. Defensive tackle He Justin Madoubuike (7 tackles) was either overpowering the offensive lineman or using his quickness to fight well with his offensive lineman.

“To be honest, he’s been playing great all year,” Harbaugh said. “He was really dominant.”

Madoubuike said the defensive line accepted the challenge to play without Campbell.

“He’s one of the best players,” said Madbuyke. “I know when he goes down, he has to step up on the defensive line. I feel like we did that tonight. Especially in the fourth quarter, he executed at a high level, and he’s great on fourth down. Had a knockout punch” and a third down. “

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