Pre-Christmas Blizzard update: Where are official blizzard conditions, wind forecast

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Blizzard warnings remain in effect for western and northern counties in Lower County, Michigan. This is where observations confirm that it is officially a blizzard.

The official definition of a blizzard is based on a combination of poor visibility and strong wind gusts. A blizzard is snow or a blizzard with wind gusts of 35 mph or more, reducing visibility to a quarter of a mile or less. Conditions should last at least 3 hours.

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As of 10:30 am today, the snowstorm conditions are officially limited to the west shore of Lake Michigan. Here are some textual observations of the Blizzard region. Benton Harbor, Holland, Muskegon, and South Haven are officially in blizzard status. Kalamazoo is currently in and out of blizzard conditions and should see more consistent blizzard conditions into the afternoon.

Weather observation at 10:00 am on Friday.

Lower North Michigan is officially a blizzard in Pelston, Gaylord, and Charlevoix. Manistee has been flirting with blizzard conditions, but it should be a consistent blizzard this afternoon.

In Lower Southeast Michigan, winds are currently meeting blizzard standards, but visibility is not low enough to complete blizzard conditions. The worst visibility is at Detroit City Airport, Monroe, Mount Clemens, and Bad Ax at 0.5 miles.


Observation at 10 am across southeastern Michigan.

Wind forecast for this afternoon and tonight. The wind doesn’t get much stronger from here. they stay where they are. Official blizzard conditions extend into northern Michigan as the next heavy snowfall passes. Blizzard conditions will most likely take over blizzard warning counties in southwestern Michigan.In southeastern and eastern Michigan, near-blizzard conditions are occasionally seen, but may not be stable enough to be officially called a blizzard. there is.

If you think the wind and snowstorm are bad now, you’ll realize it won’t get better until Saturday at 6pm.


Gust forecast (mph) from noon Friday to 6pm Saturday.

The gusts will ease a bit on Saturday night. Christmas continues with extremely dangerous road conditions throughout Michigan. Temperatures are in the single digits, with occasional snow and gusty winds of up to 30 mph.

For those who want to be super safe, when will the weather improve? Monday. There will still be snow and ice on Monday and Tuesday. Southern Michigan will be above freezing on Wednesday afternoon and road conditions will be excellent.

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