PM Update: Potentially dangerous cold tonight, with little relief Saturday

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* wind chill warning Friday 7pm to Saturday 10am*

I saw the weather for a season today. Had I woken up early enough, it would have felt almost warm with temperatures in the 40s. Then the rain increased, and small hail fell, turning into snow and snow flakes, and even more relentless winds. Temperatures will drop into the low 10s this afternoon and evening and will continue to cool tonight. This is a cold that you can’t mess around with. Freezing wind chill is dangerous and can lead to hypothermia and frostbite.

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Until tonight: Mostly sunny weather. Everyone will be in their teens by sunset or so, and the single digits will drop in from the northwest late at night. Single digits, about 10 degrees in the city.

The coldness of the wind also drops below zero as the sun sets. Winds will continue to gust around 20 to 30 mph each night, and will bottom out in the -5 to -15 range.

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Tomorrow (Christmas Eve): The wind chill is below zero by mid-morning and a little higher in the city by late evening. The actual temperature is 10 degrees until at least noon. With the highs in the zone around the 20s to early 20s, there were quite a few record low highs set in the region. DC is approaching the 23-day record set in 1989. At Dulles International Airport, the record is 22, which is also valid.

Some clouds form with the slight warmth of the sun. Gusts of wind and snow showers are not impossible. A gust of wind, about 25 mph.

Sunday (Christmas): It’s not that cold, but it’s still cold. Low temperatures range from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, with highs in the mid-20s to near 30s. The sky will be mostly clear, but there may still be gusty winds.

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Windy! This afternoon’s gusts reached over 50 mph in many places, especially in the northern half of the region. Locally, Reagan National Airport is now 49 mph, Dulles Airport is 54 mph, and Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport is 58 mph. Many limbs were knocked over, and there were also isolated downed trees and power outages.

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