Patriots Talk: Who could compete with Mac Jones for starting QB job in 2023?

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Will Mac Jones race to start the quarterback job at New England Patriots camp next summer?

Jones is in the middle of a sophomore slump after a promising rookie campaign. As a result, the Patriots’ offense fell back significantly. Playcaller Matt Patricia and the rest of the coaching staff deserve some of the blame, but Jones’ play hasn’t given much confidence in his long-term future as a New England signal-caller.

Karan: It’s official.Patriots look like what the Bengals once looked like

The crowd at Gillette Stadium chanted for backup QB Bailey Zappe to join Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals after Jones’ disastrous first half. Jones saved the ill-fated day with a solid second-half play, but the question remains whether he’s the “man” for the Patriots going forward.

In a new episode of Tom E. Curran’s Patriots Talk podcast, CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley joins the show to discuss potential QB alternatives for the Patriots next season, or “Mac-ternatives,” as they called them. Who should Bill Belichick bring to compete with Jones at camp?

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baker mayfield

Harley: I know Baker Mayfield is a controversial topic. It always was. But do you know what’s wrong with him? I see Mack as someone who has had two offensive coordinators in two years.Baker Mayfield had four offensive coordinators in Cleveland. …so do I judge him? I’m not going to judge Mack Jones this year, so do I judge Baker Mayfield by what he’s been through? Yes, he’s spicy. I love it.

Callan: “He’s got a better arm, he’s got more mobility. It’s going to be a little more divided. Probably not as good a leader as I heard he came out of Cleveland, but he’s a better athlete and a better ball. Throw well. I told you to bring him.”

Jimmy Garoppolo

Harley: “No. Belichick loves him too much to compete. If he’s here, he’s a starter.”

Callan: “He’s also injury prone, so I don’t see what advantage he’ll bring against Mac. He’s basically Mac with an injury problem.”

Gardner Minshew

Harley: “Yes. I like Gardner Minshew. I like Gardner.”

For more “Mac alternatives,” listen to the full episode.

Also discussed in the episode: Patriots control their own destinies again. Suffice it to say, “they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs”! And has Belichick received any backlash for his decision?

Watch the latest episode of Patriots Talk Podcast NBC Sports Boston Podcast Network, or Watch on YouTube.

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