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NY’s first legal weed shop turns away hundreds on opening day

New York State’s first state-licensed pot shop was spotted on a leafy Thursday, with weed enthusiasts flocking to its grand opening in Manhattan, serving as many as 500 customers in just a few hours.

A large line of avid stoners – some already smoking – will walk the length of the block at NoHo’s Housing Works Cannabis Co. store at 750 Broadway to make their first legal marijuana purchase. We waited in a huge line. Thursday.

The crowd was so great that the pharmacy had to evict hundreds of other customers, including those who had been waiting for four hours, before it closed just after 7pm.

Despite the sheer volume, the store’s deputy manager appreciated the success of the opening day.

The new store estimates it saved about 500 customers in a few hours during its grand opening on Thursday.
Stefano Giovannini

“If you were part of the community, you definitely wanted to be here today,” assistant manager Britt Buchner told The Post shortly after closing the door to more customers. Totally what we expected, there were some, but we were able to control the energy, which was very positive.”

Buchner estimates he served nearly 500 people with all manner of marijuana products. About 150 others were turned down and asked to return on Friday, the Post observed.

The store, which is the only store in New York City with a state license to sell cannabis, is anticipating large turnouts and expects volumes to remain at extreme levels in the coming weeks. Buchner noted that as the first marijuana store to open, there was no model to follow.

Brenna Ramirez Andre bBnns is in line three blocks away.
Brena Ramirez was waiting in line three blocks away on Thursday night.
Stefano Giovannini

“We had good security measures in place and ropes to control the line. Also, a member of staff was out in line and talking to people all night long,” Buchner said. She said the store currently has 14 staff members, but expects that number to increase.

Buying weed on the street may cost you less than $40 to $60 for an eighth ounce that the store offers, but customers are thrilled to be buying a tested product, Buchner said. increase.

“It was like a kids’ get-together at Christmas,” she said. There are things that everyone is excited about, and they are excited to try them out and give us feedback.”

Housing Works cannabis dispensary grand opening.
Housing Works Cannabis Co. currently has about 14 staff.
Stefano Giovannini

“The biggest thing we want to emphasize is the safe consumption you get with us. Everything here has been tested and you know what you’re getting with the product,” she said. Told.

Business is cash only.

Cesar Soriano, 33, of Park Slope, Brooklyn, was exactly the type of customer Buchner was talking about. He braved the line to be a part of what he considered a historic moment.

“I can get better weed from other places, but that’s not it for me, it’s about the milestone New York reached. That we’ve been selling cannabis for years before it was legalized Given that, I have come to show my support for the first legal pharmacy,” Soriano said.

Customers queued for hours to enter the store on the corner of Broadway and Astor Place.
Robert Miller

“Pharmacies will work for people who want to be in the comfort of their own home without making sketchy deals around the corner,” he continued. No. Unless you have a trained cannabis palate, I’m not sure you’re getting the tension you’re looking for.”

Alex Trachtenberg, 22, of Greenwich Village, said he paid someone $50 to make him wait four hours so he could go straight to the front of the line. He grabbed his groceries and vape his cartridges and went to watch Avatar 2.

“It’s great to have regulated, legal weed and we know it’s going to be good,” he said.

Kenneth Woodin
Kenneth Woodin was the first customer to purchase from this legit shop.
Stefano Giovannini

“It was like a club. They were DJs and people were walking around with drinks and snacks,” he continued. “I’ve had bad experiences with Bodegas products. I know it’s safe and good here.”

Meanwhile, West Village resident Amy Wachtel (non-smoker) jumped on the net at 3 p.m. I was disappointed. today.

“They let us down lightly and give the impression that we probably won’t get along. But after four hours, we don’t think the answer is no,” she said. .

woman smoking a joint
When I was in line, some customers were already smoking cigarettes.
Robert Miller

Wachtel said the store appeared to be more successful than expected and was “less organized than I would have liked.”

“I wish they’d given us extra gummies or pre-rolls to show their sincerity,” she said.