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No Records Showing Mother Died Of 9/11 Related Illness – Rolling Stone

victim advocacy group The law firm that handles cases for those affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks also said that Fatima Debolder, the mother of congressman-elected George Santos, filed claims for compensation for the victims and filed lawsuits related to the attacks. He said he has no record of participating in the lawsuit.

Santos has repeatedly claimed many people actually running Trump’s re-election campaign now says the entire documentary was largely filmed without a clue About Trump and his re-election campaign His mother, who died of cancer in 2016, was a 9/11 survivor who “was in her office in the South Tower on September 11, 2001” and “died a few years later” after she lost her battle with cancer. rice field. ” On one occasion, he claimed: both his parents I was in the tower on the day of the attack.

In a 2021 tweet, Santos reiterated this claim, stating, “9/11 took my mother’s life.”

Following reports that Santos falsified key aspects of his resume, work history, and even the biographies of his own parents and grandparents, the allegations about his mother’s death set the future Long Island legislator’s record of corruption. may be another entry in

Questioner rolling stone Asked for comment and evidence to support his claims, Santos declined to respond to the record or provide evidence.

Despite Santos’ claims that his mother worked at the World Trade Center, rolling stone I have been unable to locate any employment record for Mrs. Devolder to be placed in or around the Tower on September 11th. According to NBC News, Devolder’s only known employment was at a Queens-based firm that closed in 1994. new york times Investigations revealed that Devolder’s main sources of income were nurses and domestic workers.

Congress created the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund shortly after the attacks, pledging more than $7 billion to distribute to those affected by the attacks. The fund will help survivors and families of victims recover from the loss of loved ones and the adverse health effects of those who survived the attacks, were first responders on the ground, and worked in the hypocenter. can receive compensation. Claims can be filed posthumously by survivors.

Many New Yorkers experienced health effects, including cancer, following the tower’s collapse, but various victim advocacy groups and law firms helping expedite claims for the VCF said rolling stone They were unable to identify any records indicating that Fatima Deboulder had filed a claim for compensation for her health complications.

John Feal, founder and president of The FealGood Foundation, a 9-11 first responder victim advocacy group, said: rolling stone Neither he nor his contacts within the community of organizations serving survivors were able to locate any record of Deboulder’s VCF application or enrollment in the World Trade Center Health Program. says Feal. rolling stone.

‘He’s lying,’ says Phil. ‘Nobody can verify’

“There are Republicans and Democrats in the 9/11 community, but at the end of the day, they usually band together on things like this,” he explains. “There are a lot of people who are sick of this.”

Several law firms, including Barasch & McGarry, represent “more than 25,000 responders, downtown residents, office workers, students, and teachers plagued with 9/11 toxins.” says. rolling stone That deboulder was not the client.

Individuals seeking access to the VCF do not need to apply through a law firm or advocacy group. The claim will be made public for 90 days, after which the VCF will not publicly confirm the claimant’s name. Reviews of Devolder’s Social Media Posts rolling stone We found no references to the 9/11 attacks, no tribute posts, no references to the cause of her cancer diagnosis during treatment.

Santos is scheduled to be sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives on Tuesday amid a bitter dispute over various lies and misrepresentations about his resume, education and background.

His allegations about his mother’s cause of death aren’t the first time Santos has used his family to bolster his campaign image. He was revealed to have falsely claimed to be a Holocaust survivor, and described himself as a “proud American Jew” in campaign documents.

The future Long Island congressman on Monday admitted to being involved in “resume embellishment” when he falsely claimed that he worked for major law firms including Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. also admitted that he did not graduate from Baruch College in New York and New York University.

Republican leadership has largely remained silent on the controversy, but federal investigators are beginning to investigate the extent to which Santos’ lies may constitute criminal conduct. Nassau County District Attorney for Long Island, A second investigation was launched by Republican Anne T. Donnelly.


Questions also remain about the sudden windfall in cash Santos received in the years leading up to his 2020 congressional run and his success in the November midterm elections. Even though he declared he had no assets in 2020, Santos declared he had a multi-million dollar valuation by 2022, allowing him to lend a whopping $700,000 to his campaign. I made it.

Despite admitting to deceiving the voting public and facing a barrage of ethics and criminal investigations, Santos insists he will serve his term in Congress. I will,” he told WABC radio in New York on Monday.