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NFL quietly added new language to rule on reviewing forward progress in 2022

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A controversial call occurred during Sunday’s Patriots vs. Dolphins game that saw Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert fumbled, the Patriots recovered, and officials mistakenly ruled the advance had been halted, prompting the Dolphins to held the ball.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick held up a red challenge flag and spoke with officials, but apparently said they couldn’t challenge the play. Belichick confirmed that on Monday morning.

“Not reviewable. Future progress cannot be reviewed,” Belichick said.

However, PFT confirmed with the league office today that although the advance cannot be reviewed, there are some areas that can be reviewed if the advance is adjudicated.

And in 2022, a little-known change to the rules for forward reviews directly related to blown calls in Sunday’s games.On page 7 of the Instant Replay Casebook, Mostert A situation similar to the fumble of . The three italicized words were added in 2022.

“If the field official ruling to proceed forward, the replay can only confirm the position of the ball relative to the gain line or goal line, and a fumble (with definite recovery) if possession of the ball is lost. ). or at the same time defense contact. ”

Former NFL referee Gene Stella Torre, who now works as a rules analyst for CBS, wrote on Twitter that Belichick should have been allowed the challenge, and if he did, he would have won the challenge. at the same time Patriots contact.

“This particular instance is reviewable. the replay would have been overturned We awarded the ball to New England,” Stella Torre wrote.

These three words added to the Instant Replay Casebook made a big difference and were widely overlooked. Including that, Belichick and his officials told him there was nothing to review about the play in question on Sunday.