NFL Network Cuts To Ad Amid Ceremony For Late Star – Deadline

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The NFL Network’s coverage of late Pittsburgh Steelers legend Franco Harris’ halftime ceremony was less than perfect.

Just as a video tribute to the star of “The Immaculate Reception” was unveiled to an enthusiastic crowd at Acrisure Stadium, Cable Net chose to cut it for an Intel ad.

Steelers owner Art Rooney II was on the field with Franco Harris’ widow, Dana, and son, Doc, as a PA voice said, “We celebrate Franco Harris, so pay attention to the video board.” Aim.” The cameras focused on the newly retired number 32 in the stadium, but instead, the NFL Network turned its attention to the bottom line.

The Hall of Fame running back that helped the Steelers dominate in the 1970s was planned as a joyous celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception, voted the greatest play in NHL history three years ago. I retired the jersey number. He is his third number to retire in his 90-year history with the team, and the first for an offensive player.

When reports returned from the commercial break, no on-field ceremony was mentioned, and the network aired highlights from other NFL games.

It was an inelegant decision, and Twitter, predictably, took a disgust at the disrespect for the four-time Steelers Super Bowl and nine-time Pro Bowler Harris. “Absolutely pathetic work by @nflnetwork going into commercials during Franco Harris tribute,” wrote one man. They literally waited until it became a commercial. “

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The ceremony had been planned months in advance, and Harris was expected to join Rooney on the field during a game against the Las Vegas Raiders, victims of an immaculate reception in December 1972. A playoff game sent the Steelers to their first AFC Championship Game.

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