NFL insider floats idea of Sean Payton, Tom Brady Saints package

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One NFL insider believes the idea of ​​Sean Payton and Tom Brady together in New Orleans is possible.

In an article on Tuesday, ProFootballTalk founder Mike Florio cited sources saying Payton’s return to the Saints was the NFL’s “worst-kept secret,” making the Broncos and Panthers possible destinations for coaches. He added that the sex was low.

The Chargers’ job doesn’t look set to take off, and it will take a playoff humiliation for Mike McCarthy to get kicked out of the Cowboys job Payton has been associated with for years. The job is an interesting possibility, but it would require Sean McVay to step down.

Payton and Brady attempted to team up on the Dolphins, but the NFL ended up punishing the franchise for tampering charges while Brady was still under contract with the Buccaneers.

ProFootballTalk founder Mike Florio pitched the idea of ​​Sean Payton and Tom Brady teaming up in New Orleans.
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The Saints are 6-9 in Dennis Allen’s first season as head coach.

As for Brady, the Bucks are currently leading the NFC South, but have slumped to a 7-8 record, and Brady often looks frustrated.

“Brady will be a free agent after the season,” Florio said. “He can go anywhere. Why not a saint? Why not team up with Payton? Play his home game at the stadium where he won his first Super Bowl? ”

Payton retired from the Saints last season and is a studio analyst for Fox Sports this year. He has won the Super Bowl before.

It remains to be seen if the NFL will allow the Brady and Payton pair to team up after exposing secret plans from the past, but it’s an interesting hypothesis.

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