New Broncos coach will need to end the special treatment of Russell Wilson

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A team that fires a coach tends to hire a replacement who is the exact opposite of the previous coach. And the next Broncos coach needs to treat quarterback Russell Wilson in the exact opposite way he does Nathaniel Hackett.

No more special treatment. There are no more offices in the building. Nothing more than being treated like he’s one of the other players on the team.

Or, if anything, the next coach should single out Wilson for criticism, just to prove a point that Denver has no sacred cows.

The Broncos already tend to hire no-nonsense, in-charge coaches who dominate with the irons first and tell it straight because they’re the exact opposite of Hackett. And the new coach sees no reason to tiptoe around Wilson.

Really, what did Wilson do to deserve the special treatment? One year left before the Broncos can reasonably get out of his bloated contract, lose by applying tough love to Russell Wilson. Nothing.

he wasn’t good enough. He needs someone to break him down in hopes of building himself up again.

In fact, if the Broncos decide that’s not the answer after 2024, and if the Broncos want to avoid getting another $37 million in compensation in 2025, he could be slapped with bubble wrap at some point during the 2023 season. There is a full and complete warranty.

in short? It’s time for the next Broncos coach to abandon his kid-glove approach to Russ and start coaching him to be proactive, outspoken, and hopefully successful.

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