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MEMPHIS, Tennessee — TVA has canceled Step 50 emergency load reductions requiring rolling blackouts.

We are working to restore power to all customers who had power outages.

As of 12:25 p.m., 17,787 MLGW customers are out of power, with 330 outages in the region.

“As of 10:45 a.m., TVA has withdrawn its Step 50 load shedding requirement. The weather remains cold and power demand may fluctuate. We ask you to be prepared, and we may have to do so at any time without notice, and we are currently powering all of our suspended customers, according to MLGW.

MLGW initiated rolling blackouts and required all local power companies to reduce their total power loads by 5-10%.

According to MLGW, rolling blackouts can occur throughout the day.

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Service may be interrupted for 30 minutes and customers may experience an average of 2-3 outages per day.

All customers within MLGW’s territory may be affected.

Water pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, hospitals and airports are excluded from these outages, according to MLGW.

The MLGW will cut power every 30 minutes by the specified circuit group starting with the specified group and progressing through the list for the duration of the order.

Once ordered, MLGW will announce the expected start time of the blackout and the group number that will be suspended first. Suspensions then continue in numerical order until all groups are affected, then resume from the original group.

Example: “From 6:00 pm (date), MLGW will start Group 3 and implement load reduction actions in other areas as needed in the order of 30 minutes.”

The “starting group” of subsequent events is determined by where the last reduction action from the previous event ended.

For example, if a power outage occurs in group 7 and the rolling blackout order is lifted after power is restored, the next reduction action will start in group 8.

See the group assignments below to understand which groups are closest to your neighborhood and estimate when power outages will affect your neighborhood.

Group 1:

Southwest Memphis, East Memphis (U of M), Arlington, Hickory Hill

Group 2:

North of Downtown, Main Library Area, North Germantown

Group 3:

Central Gardens/Midtown, Getwell & 240, South Germantown/Winchester, East Germantown/West Collierville

Group 4:

McLemore, Rose College Area, President’s Island, East Collierville, North Bartlett, Lakeland, Shady Grove

Group 5:

Chelsea, Raleigh & Summer, Parkway Village/BNSF Railway

Group 6:

South Downtown, I40/240, North Frayser, Lamar, Millbranch/240, Trinity Commons/Cordova

Group 7:

Hux Cross Road South of 385

South Millington/Charles Baker Airport Area, Kellogg, South of Wolfchase, Pidgeon Industrial Park

Group 8:

East Memphis, Airport West, City of Bartlett, West Collierville

Group 9:

South Frayser, Millington, Berclair, Raleigh, West Holmes Road, Mt. Moriah/American Way

MLGW’s president issued a statement to customers.

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Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) prepares to reissue another phased blackout order Friday evening as extreme cold weather “causes critical power supply and low water pressure.” said.

MLGW said customers in various areas could experience a 30-minute outage as part of efforts by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to conserve power and avoid large-scale blackouts in the region. Announced.

Customers can experience up to three outages in a single day, according to MLGW.

Earlier in the day, MLGW suspended a previous phased blackout order.

The temporary outage will begin north of downtown Memphis, the Ben Hooks Library area, and north of Germantown, according to MLGW. You can continue the areas of Central Gardens/Midtown, Getwell & Interstate 240, South of Germantown/Winchester, and East of Germantown/West Collierville.

Officials said extreme cold weather and high demand across the TVA service area have put power supplies at risk.

Consumers should refrain from using electrical appliances such as dishwashers, dryers and cookware.

Turn off unnecessary lights, appliances, and other electrical devices.

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