MLBTR’s Most Read Articles Of 2022

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2022 has been a busy year for baseball. It all started in the midst of a season-threatening lockout. Then came a flurry of deals when business kicked in while the team was desperately preparing for the upcoming season. The season itself provided a lot of entertainment, on and off the field. Aaron Judge chasing 62 home runs or off the field Juan Soto It traded on one of the biggest deadline trades in history. The season culminated with the Astros beating the Phillies in the World Series. Since then, we’ve seen a flurry of free agency activity, with most of his top players signing deals before Christmas.

MLBTR enjoys being there all the time, so when we call the time in 2022, we thought we’d share the most read articles of the year. We look forward to seeing what excitement baseball will bring in 2023.

1. March 19: Reportedly, Trevor Story will choose between four teams

Just like this winter, the 2021-22 free agent shortstop class was packed with talent, and it all came to light in the last few days of March. corey seager, Marcus Semien When Javier Baez When baseball resumed in mid-March, two clear top options remained: Carlos Correa and Trevor Story. The first reports surfaced early afternoon on the 18th when Jon Heyman of the New York Post reported that the story was picking from four teams, including the Giants and the Red Sox. I just confirmed that I joined Story late in the afternoon on . But there was a twist that night when the Twins shocked the baseball world and agreed to sign Correa, and the story apparently hit the market as a top free agent. Sure enough, with Correa’s sudden departure from the board, Heyman reported the following morning that the story had “multiple new suitors.” Even more intriguing was the uncertainty over what kind of trades Story would make, with reports suggesting he’s open to short- or long-term contracts and position changes. The next day, Story signed a six-year, $140 million deal with the Red Sox and got a new home.

2. August 2nd: Report: Padres on the verge of signing Juan Soto

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest closing deals in recent memory tops this list. In mid-July, doubts arose about the young superstar’s dominance of the trade deadline headlines when it was reported that Soto turned down the Nationals’ $440 million extension offer and was willing to listen to the trade offer. there was no room. Over the next few weeks, word began to trickle in that the Nationals would not put forward an offer above his $440 million, asking Soto for a huge trade.A deal of this magnitude was unprecedented and the potential deal package was difficult to predict. sent a lot CJ Abrams, Mackenzie Gore, James Wood, Robert Hassell III and Jarlyn Susana Get Soto and rent first baseman Josh BellSan Diego had planned to send Eric Hosmer to the Nationals as part of a deal, but he exercised a restricted no-trade clause to stop the deal. increase. Luke Voight For Hosmer to complete one of the biggest trades in MLB history. The Padres acquired one of the best players on the planet and the Nationals are scrambling to recruit young talent and rebuild, but to assess how it fared in the long run. And it’s tempting to revisit this deal after 5+ years. .

3. December 24th: Mets ‘raise concerns’ over Carlos Correa’s physical condition, but deal still ‘likely’

After signing a short-term contract with the Twins the previous winter, Correa was reportedly cashing in on Dec. 13 after the Giants reportedly agreed to a 13-year, $350 million contract with the shortstop. I saw. But that was just the beginning of a tumultuous few weeks that look set to continue into 2023. On Dec. 20, the Giants postponed Correa’s debut press conference due to concerns over something about his body. Then, early the next morning, Heyman dropped the bombshell by reporting that Correa had instead agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract with the Mets. There was no official confirmation of the deal, but Mets owner Steve Cohen told Heyman: “We needed another hitter. This will allow us to come out on top.” Such comments from owners before the signing was formal seemed to suggest that there was little concern that the concerns San Francisco saw would become a problem for the Mets. Reports surfaced that the Mets had “raised concerns” about Correa’s body, particularly his surgically-repaired lower right leg. I am looking for a way forward.

4. August 2nd: Red Sox Acquire Eric Hosmer

I’ve touched on the background to this deal before, and it all started with the Juan Soto deal. When Hosmer exercised a restrictive no-trade clause to block a trade to the Nationals as part of that deal, they immediately sent Luke Voight there instead. That doesn’t mean Hosmer is staying in San Diego, though, as the Padres quickly found new trading partners. Boston acquired Hosmer as part of an interesting deadline strategy that saw both buying and selling players. The Padres ate about two months’ worth of his $21 million annual salary in 2022, plus he’s three years’ worth and he’s the league-lowest salary bar of $39 million.Boston is also likely Max Ferguson When Corey Rozierreceived by San Diego Jay Groom in return. Hosmer’s time in Boston was not particularly successful. He appeared in just 14 games before back inflammation ended the season, and the Reds’ Sox DFA sacked him earlier this month.

5. November 14th: 2022-23 Top 50 Free Agents with Predictions

MLBTR’s Steve Adams spearheaded this annual article, with valuable contributions from Tim Diakes, Anthony Franco and Dollar MacDonald. This year’s Top 50 was unsurprisingly led by incumbent American League MVP Aaron Judge. He then signed a $360 million contract with the Yankees over his nine years, and over eight years he beat projections for $332 million. Ancient Chiga, Nathan Evaldi, clayton kershaw, Joc Pederson, Martin Perez All predicted their deals correctly, but an additional 14 player contracts were within $5 million of their predictions.

6. December 12th: Braves acquire Sean Murphy, Brewers acquire William Contreras in three-team trade

Going into the offseason, Oakland catcher Sean Murphy was arguably the game’s most obvious trade candidate. Wilson Contreras When Christian Vasquez making him an obvious contender for many teams. At some stage Murphy has nine teams interested in him, and the number could be higher. Ultimately, it was the Braves who acquired him, giving up many prospects and sending Contreras’ hopeful catcher to Milwaukee to sign a contract. In typical Atlanta fashion, they moved quickly to acquire a new catcher, and just two weeks after acquiring him, he signed a six-year, $73 million extension.

7. December 7th: Yankees sign Aaron Judge to 9-year deal

The Yankees used their financial muscle to make the deal happen, signing the current AL MVP to a nine-year, $360 million contract and promptly announcing him as the team’s new captain. It’s almost certain that Judge will end his career in pinstripes, but it didn’t always look that way, after his platform years in Monster where he hit his AL record 62 home runs. , Judge went to his market open with no promise of a return to the Bronx. The Giants made a strong bid to return Judge to his Northern California roots, and the Padres brought him to San Diego with a surprising late game play. It all came to a head at the Winter Conference as Judge’s free agency seemed to keep the market for many other top free agents. Judge turned down the opportunity to play elsewhere, securing a career-ending position in New York for his player’s record-free agent contract and a record-breaking AAV for him.

8. March 13th: Nelson Cruises deal progressing quickly

Just three days after the lockout ended, veteran slugger Nelson Cruz was moving swiftly toward signing with the Washington Nationals. With an even stronger season at the plate and all his 30 teams in his new CBA with his DH available, it’s surprising Cruz had a solid market once business started It doesn’t matter. The then 41-year-old signed the Knotts to his one-year contract worth $15 million. 337 in his wRC+ of 85, falling below his 100 mark of league average for the first time since 2007.

9. December 6th: Aaron Judge ‘seems to keep his head down’ on Giants

With the judges’ sweepstakes heating up, reports from the winter meeting suggested Aaron Judge has momentum heading to San Francisco.Yankees manager Aaron Boone When he saw the report, he immediately called General Manager Brian Cashman for an update, but found there was nothing to report. said no. Still, it was a sign Judge’s free agency was coming to an end, and by the next day it was confirmed that he had agreed to a deal to return to the Yankees.

10. July 27th: Yankees Acquire Andrew Benintendi

Compiling the top 10 is a move the Yankees made ahead of this summer’s deadline.No left-handed contact hitter, regular left fielder Joey Gallo Cashman jumped at the chance to buy Benintendi, who put together Kansas City’s .321/.389/.399 line. Gallo would be traded to LA a few days later, with Benintendi becoming the everyday left fielder. 254/. 331/. He underwent surgery to repair a spinous bone fracture in September, and missed the rest of the regular season and the Yankees’ playoff run.

11. March 16: Dodgers reportedly progressing Freddie Freeman deal

12. July 29th: Mariners acquire Luis Castillo from Reds

13. March 20: Red Sox sign Trevor Story

14. August 1: Astros acquire Trey Mancini

15. March 14th: Astros step up efforts to re-sign Carlos Correa

16. August 1: Brewers trade Josh Hader to Padres

17. March 14th: Freddie Freeman Rumors: Monday

18. December 17th: Cubs sign Dansby Swanson to final deal

19: July 23: Juan Soto Trade Talks Update

20: December 21: Mets sign Carlos Correa

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