Melania Trump’s hard line on refusing to invite Jill Biden to tea revealed in new Jan 6 transcripts

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Former White House press secretary and first lady, Stephanie Grisham, said in a Jan. 6 committee interview that Melania Trump resisted the offer to invite Jill Biden to tea. remember.

In fact, Grisham said the former First Lady’s stance is out of character, given her previous position to act independently of West Wing policy.

Asked by the committee about the text message chain between her and Trump, Grisham asked the then first lady to reach out to invite Jill Biden for a traditional tea and tour of the White House. told me to consider it. , despite Donald Trump complaining about the election results.

She explained: That’s why I was trying to be gentle.

Grisham told the committee that Trump responded, “We need to be on the same page as the West Wing.”

This surprised the aide. It’s always been a “F the West Wing” kind of attitude. ”

Referring to the text message she said, it said: Okay.” Because I was surprised. We never worked with the West Wing on anything. ”

Grisham further said: we’re going to do our own thing We are not going to worry about them. We do what we want, what we think is right, and it doesn’t matter what they say. ”

But she claims that everything changed a few weeks before January 6th. And, in my opinion, she had probably started drinking Kool-Aid of someone this election was stolen from. ”

Afterwards, recounting what happened during the Capitol riots when Trump was taking pictures of the White House carpet, Grisham told the panel to call on the first lady for peaceful protests and no violence. I asked if I wanted to tweet, and replied with a simple “no.”

“She was there with the rug and I was watching the violence going on in the Capitol. She literally just said no to me with no explanation,” Grisham said. “I just — I mean, I was kind of like you.”

She added: I was more disappointed in her than ever because she had the opportunity to play her true leadership role, and it was amazing how much she influenced her husband at times. I know that

She further said she couldn’t believe the first lady didn’t immediately call the president and tell him to make a video telling the mob to go home.

The former First Lady’s aide also said that White House Chief Usher Tim Harless has been in separate contact with the Biden team and provided blueprints for the Executive Mansion so they can prepare for the transition. I remembered the incident.

Word of the meeting reached through the Secret Service to then-President Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who wanted him fired immediately.

Trump told the committee he had only three weeks left in office and had no intention of firing him.

She said this was consistent with a climate of believing that the battle for power and tenure was not over yet, indicating that Mr Harless was seen as “disloyal”.

Elsewhere in his testimony, Mr. Grisham made a grim assessment of whether Mr. Trump would have marched to the Capitol with his supporters if the Secret Service had given him permission.

“That guy wasn’t going to march down the street with people,” she told Rep. Liz Cheney. He didn’t want to do anything, so he was just pissing off a crowd that already knew he was angry.”

She also told the panel that while President Trump enjoyed the fact that people in the Capitol were fighting for him, he also thought they looked “crap.”

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