Mark Davis sinking Raiders into dysfunction with Derek Carr treatment

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Is Raiders owner Mark Davis making a systematic mistake on purpose?

It sure looks like it. The team won 10 games last season and advanced to the playoffs as one of the league’s best achievements. Now Davis seems intent on blowing it up.

Quarterback Derek Carr is not only a productive player, but he oozes passion and gives the impression of bleeding silver and black. I care as much as you know.

Still, Kerr has his 91st consecutive starts (dating back to 2014) behind only Tom Brady’s 108 among active quarterbacks, but this week he’s been ousted in the last two games by Josh McDaniels. I entered the bench. He never makes it past Halloween.

A popular figure in the Raiders’ locker room, Kerr has reportedly been away from the team for the last two weeks to avoid distractions… a team he’s a good fit for.

Kerr is in his ninth season and has three Pro Bowl votes. He has made his pass for 217 touchdowns in his career, and with just his 99 interceptions, his pass completion rate is 64.6%. He has 24 TD passes this season, though he has 14 picks, the most in the league. He’s the reason the Raiders were able to acquire star receiver Davante Adams in the offseason, and the two played together in college.

Mark Davis
Mark Davis continues to cripple the Raiders.
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Derek Carr
The Raiders have Derek Carr on the bench for the last two games.
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The good news the Raiders felt a year ago is long gone.

The Raiders are 10-7 in 2021, 7-5 under interim coach Rich Bisatcha. Players wanted him back, but were ignored by possession. Las Vegas is 6-9 this season going into his game against the 49ers on Sunday with little chance of making it to the postseason.

Now the owners seem keen on a deal for Carr, who signed a three-year, $121.5 million contract extension in the spring. If Kerr is cut within three days after the Super Bowl, the Raiders will cap his 2023 salary cap hit to just his $5.625 million. A salary of $32.9 million next year and $7.5 million in 2024 are fully insured if he gets injured.

That is, despite the fact that the Raiders hold the record for nearly all passing in franchise history, they put him in bubble wrap the last two games for fear of injury.

Just months after giving Kerr that extension. That is the first stage of dysfunction.

“Obviously I don’t think anyone here was excited,” Adams said of Kerr’s transfer this week.

If you’re a Raiders fan and trust Davis, you’re either on his paycheck or delusional.

Davis is an owner born at third base, thanks to his late father Al, one of the league’s founders. Davis fired his two team presidents and his two chief financial officers last year after news broke that they had sent racist, misogynist and homophobic emails. , head accepted the resignation of his coach Jon Gruden. He, too, faced allegations that he fostered a “hostile work environment.”

And now this blows the minds and souls of a team reaching the playoffs for the second time in 19 seasons.

Curious and inexplicable.

“They’re still in playoff contention and are they going to pull quarterbacks?” 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlow made an incredible statement to reporters this week.

These are your Raiders, Las Vegas. happy holiday.

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