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Kari Lake Celebrates Georgia Judge Ordering New Election

Former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake draws attention to a recent ruling ordering new elections in Georgia after officials identified a number of “systemic irregularities” that may have influenced the election results. arousing. He will run new elections in Arizona or Maricopa County.

The incident involved a rural county board election in Scriven County, in which multiple candidates were denied wrongful ballots issued to at least 20 voters in a county board election that was decided by just seven votes. Georgia has filed a lawsuit, claiming it could change the outcome, reports Georgia Virtue.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake addresses supporters at an election night event at the Scottsdale Resort in McCormick Ranch, Arizona, Nov. 8, 2022. Days after he lost efforts to overturn the results of the Arizona campaign, Lake announced that he would be seeking a new election in Georgia after officials identified a number of “systemic malfeasance” that could affect the outcome. It draws attention to a recent judgment ordering
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It was later discovered that some voters had their ballots assigned to districts they did not live in. This means that voters in certain districts have effectively been disenfranchised to vote in the district in which they live. This is an argument Lake made after up to 1,000 Arizona voters were served. Voting fraud in early voting in autumn.

The judge eventually ordered new elections in Scriven County. This is what Lake has been pushing in Arizona after alleging and failing to prove rampant instances of fraud and fraud in his own election.

“Notable,” Lake wrote on Twitter without giving a reason.

Scriven County has just over 14,000 residents. Arizona has approximately 7.3 million people. The ballot in question was just a few doors away from the district boundary. Lake’s races were statewide and did not resemble the dynamics seen in rural county commission races about 2,000 miles away. Scriven County also he was decided by seven votes. Arizona she has over 17,000.

But there was something in the Screven County case that the Lake case didn’t. Evidence that the issues reported there had a measurable impact on the outcome of the election.

Lake’s attorneys argued in court that some ballots were not machine-counted due to printer malfunctions, but submitted ballots were eventually counted manually, with no impact on people’s ability to vote. rice field.

Lake also failed to prove that the Election Day mishap was malicious and intentional, and her lawyers argued that the issues she posed were serious enough to affect the election in any way. It could not be proved that

But that was the case in Screven County, where the judge needed only 17 minutes to determine that apparently accidental distribution of ballots could have caused the erroneous result.

According to the law, if the number of illegal votes exceeded the margin of the result, or if there was systematic fraud in the electoral process judged to be “evil enough” to call the result into question. If so, a new election is justified. .

In this case, plaintiffs challenging the election process identified more than 20 illegal ballots cast for the wrong candidates. This is a large enough margin to be considered “evil enough” to call the results into question.

Newsweek We reached out to Lake’s team for comment.