Journalists locked out of Twitter accounts after refusing to delete Musk tweets

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Several journalists remain banned from their Twitter accounts after refusing to delete tweets about accounts that tracked CEO Elon Musk’s private jet, according to The Washington Post.

Journalists, including Voice of America’s Steve Herman, The Post’s Drew Harwell, The New York Times’ Ryan Mack, CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan, Fox Business’ Susan Lee, and The Intercept’s Mickey Lee, have been linked with Musk’s @ElonJet account.

Musk alleged that the journalist violated the social media platform’s policy on doxing by linking accounts that used publicly available data to track the movements of Musk’s private jet.

The billionaire eventually said he would restore his account after Twitter users voted in favor of restoring it in a poll. The journalist’s account reappeared on his social media platform, suggesting it had not been suspended.

However, the Post reported Friday that the journalist had to delete the tweet in question in order to regain access to his account — a prerequisite not pointed out in Musk’s poll.

Journalists who refuse to remove tweets that they claim to be legitimate coverage remain banned from their accounts.

Independent journalist Aaron Luper, who was initially suspended, chose to comply with Twitter’s request and regained access to his account.

“While I am grateful that my account has been reinstated, I will be mindful of the fact that going forward, I cannot rely on Twitter as much as I have for the last decade,” he said in an interview with LiveNow. . from Fox.

“By suspending me and others who were critical of him, Elon implements a chilling effect on his criticism,” Ruper added.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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