Indiana cops find kidnapped infant Kason Thomass after stopping to eat

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A pair of Indianapolis police officers were looking for a kidnapped infant to get a bite, but found the baby outside a restaurant.

Five-month-old Kason Thomas has been missing for three days in Columbus, Ohio, after her mother received a DoorDash order on December 19 after the car she was in with twins Kyair Thomas was stolen. I was.

The next morning, Kaia was found abandoned near Dayton International Airport, while Kayson remained missing.

Indianapolis Police Sgt. Sean Anderson and Richard Elle were looking for a boy on Thursday, but came in empty-handed.

They decided to take a break and ended up in a black Honda Accord stolen from the mother of the twins. It was parked outside the pizza place where the officers decided to eat.

Five-month-old Casson Thomas was missing for three days in the car he was in with his twins, Kaia Thomas.
columbus ohio police

When officers searched the vehicle, they found Kayson in the back seat.

“Disappointed that we could not find him, it was time for us to decompress, and God was about to open the heavens to us and deliver him into our hands.” Anderson told WISH-TV.

“Basically, it was a totally unexpected turn of events and we found him,” added Anderson.

Jackson is accused of kidnapping the twins.
Nala Jackson is currently facing kidnapping charges.
columbus ohio police

Nala Jackson, 24, the woman accused of kidnapping the twins, was arrested earlier in the day and is now facing kidnapping charges. However, her car remained missing until an officer stumbled across it.

The twins’ family called the discovery a “miracle” in an interview with WBNS-TV.

“It’s going to be the best Christmas ever,” said Lafonda Thomas, grandmother of the twins.

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