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How TechCrunch+ followed the roller-coaster crypto market in 2022 • TechCrunch

In 2022, the cryptocurrency community reached new heights and then collapsed. This he had already pointed out in June 2022, Previous The FTX fiasco (I use it as an umbrella term for crashes, alleged fraud, bankruptcy, congressional hearings, Sam Bankman-Fried’s arrest in the Bahamas, and calls for his extradition).

However, this is not an article chronicling the decline of FTX over the past year. Jacqueline Melinek Highlight reel with features from Alex Wilhelm.

Below are some of the top cryptocurrency coverages for 2022.

Terra Community Passes Proposal To Revive LUNA Cryptocurrency After Stablecoin-Led Implosion

LUNA crashed in May and the market followed suit. Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon shared plans to revive the Terra ecosystem, including the formation of a new blockchain. Jacquelyn says: However, after the collapse of LUNA and his UST, many are wary of trusting Kwon and Terra’s team again. ”

Ethereum Drops Over 17% After “Overhyped” Merge

In early to mid-September, there were whispers of “mergers” everywhere we listened. A quick refresher: The Merge was a highly anticipated event that saw Ethereum transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. It may have been overrated.

Blue-chip NFT owners seek alternative uses as sales dwindle

The NFT sub-sector also reached new heights during the recent cryptocurrency bull market. As NFT sales slowed, good NFT owners began looking for new ways to make a profit. For starters: The term “blue chip NFTs” comes from “blue chip stocks,” which often refer to the most valuable companies on the market. In this case, they are the most desirable or valuable NFTs. What are they worth in crypto winter?

Terra’s UST Crash Makes Crypto Life Difficult As Regulations Loom

In May 2022, Terra UST crashed, leading to the push for crypto regulation. “UST is an algorithmic stablecoin that was primarily backed by its sister cryptocurrency LUNA, but was also backed by Bitcoin. He said he has plans to support it with other cryptocurrencies as time goes on.It is unclear whether that roadmap is still in place for UST, which is recovering from its collapse,” Jacquelyn wrote. The next move to regain trader and holder confidence is regulation, right?

Understanding OpenSea at its $13 billion valuation

In early 2022, OpenSea has raised a $300 million round at a valuation of $13.3 billion. Alex dug deep to understand how the new (January 2022) OpenSea valuation lined up with earnings. According to Alex’s collected data and calculations, you can decide whether the company is underpriced or overpriced.