How did Tua Tagovailoa end up in the concussion protocol?

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As if the news of Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s sudden return to concussion protocol wasn’t jarring enough, the circumstances surrounding Tua’s placement in protocol raise a lot of questions.

First, despite video showing Tua’s head hitting the turf late in the second quarter, coach Mike McDaniel told reporters on Monday (when specifically asked about the video) how I don’t know what happened, “All kinds of hits.

Second, how did Tua enter the protocol? McDaniel said on Monday that Tua “met with the doctor today and discussed some symptoms. is between Tua and the doctor, moving forward as information is projected at us.”

Tua met with a doctor. fine. But how did the meeting take place? Did Tua initiate it so he could discuss his symptoms? Did doctors approach him after seeing the video on social media? Come to think of it, do you see him regularly after every game with due diligence?

Either way, it looks like someone (or someone) didn’t notice Tua’s head hitting the turf, or didn’t act on it. And it can hurt the team strategically. The Dolphins scored no points after Tua’s head hit the turf. He threw his three interceptions in the fourth quarter, which were attributed to misreadings and misjudgments. Had someone enabled the process of checking on Tua and had noticed signs of a concussion, the Dolphins might have been better off with Teddy his Bridgewater in the second half.

Either way, it might be Bridgewater on Sunday in New England. If the Dolphins end up missing the playoffs and Tua isn’t allowed to play again this year, the offseason will bring some new and unforeseen problems to the franchise.

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