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New York State House of Representatives-elect George Santos continued tucker carlson tonight on Tuesday night after admitting to “embellishing” his resume and lying about being Jewish.

Santos spoke with guest host Tulsi Gabbard in his first televised interview since accusations of lying about his background surfaced. “I made a mistake,” Santos said during the live recording. “Human beings are flawed … we have to admit this on national television for the whole country to see.”

“I’m not a scammer. I’m not a fake,” the lawmaker-elect continued, but lied about his education and work history. “I didn’t materialize out of nothing. I worked my whole life hard to get it.

Gabbard then read a letter his camp sent this year claiming Santos was a “proud American Jew.” Reiterating an earlier statement, Santos replied.

After Gabbard noted concerns that Santos’ “blatant lies” raised questions about how his “voters and the American public” could believe what he said, Santos said he would end his career. said it was “controversial” and “not wholly erroneous,” but that explanation goes “far beyond the heads of Americans.”

“Everybody just wants to push me and call me a liar,” Santos whined, before the talk show host said time was up.

Santos on Monday new york post He then admitted to falsifying his resume and lying about going to college, after apologizing and assuring that “I’m not a criminal.”

“I have not graduated from any tertiary institution. I am ashamed and sorry for embellishing my resume,” he said. “I admit it…we do stupid things in life.”

He also admitted that he had “never worked directly” at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, despite previous allegations. I never claimed that,” he said.

his admission new york times released a report that raised contradictions in his background. Despite his repeated apologies for misleading the public,, Santos tried to blame other entities for his lies.Santos pointed at him Timesaccused their “elitist” of being the motive behind the exaggeration of his credentials.


“For six or seven months of my life, I worked as a customer service agent. I like to call it ‘weird work,'” he said.

“I’m sworn in. I’m in office,” the incoming Congressman told WABC in New York, despite calls from Democrats for Santos’ resignation.

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