Former NFL QB Brady Quinn offers insight into Josh McDaniels’ offense and why Derek Carr has struggled

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Las Vegas Raiders first-year coach Josh McDaniels announced Wednesday he is sitting on the bench Derek Carr, the team’s starting quarterback since 2014. Following the shocking decision, CBS Sports HQ’s Brady Quinn provided insight into the complexity of McDaniels’ offense and how it will affect Kerr’s struggles this season.

Quinn spent seven seasons in the NFL and had roster experience under McDaniels when he was traded to the Broncos in 2010.

Kyle Orton, who began his NFL career with the Chicago Bears in 2005, was traded to the Broncos in 2009 and given the quarterback job in his first season in Denver. We took it to a 6-0 start, but it went downhill from there. The Broncos lost eight of their next 10 games after the bye week, and Orton finished the season with 21 passing touchdowns and 12 interceptions, an 86.8 QB rating in 16 games, and a 15-game winning streak. It was a starter.

“When I got there, it was Josh McDaniels’ sophomore year. I remember talking to Kyle Orton about what he went through in 2009 and how big an adjustment it was for him. “He had the most interceptions of his career in Denver that year,” Quinn said on the “Pick Six NFL Podcast.”

Quinn, who described McDaniels as “one of the smartest people in the NFL,” noted that Orton’s struggles were likely also related to adjusting to new staff and new systems. Orton led the team to a 1-4 start the following season, paving the way for Tim Tebow to replace him in Week 5.

“That said, once you get the hang of it, it’s a very friendly system for quarterbacks,” Quinn said. “It’s really hard to do in one year.”

Quinn later said he has a lot to learn when it comes to wide receivers, including route adjustments and “what’s required and how to move in that attack.” He emphasized this point by highlighting Davante Adams, who just joined the Raiders this season. This year, Adams has caught 88 passes for his 1,290 yards and scored his 12 touchdowns, a league-high. However, in his last three games he has caught only 9 of his 25 targets for 114 yards and zero touchdowns. Coming into the fourth quarter of the season, Kerr is 16 of his 51 targeting Adams.

Adams dealt with this week’s situationKerr is his best friend, but also said the Raiders need to stay focused and finish the season strong.

Quinn said how the Raiders progress at quarterback will depend on what McDaniels and Raiders general manager Dave Ziegler are looking for in the position. He added that Kerr would likely become one of the most popular quarterbacks if the Raiders decide to let him go “at least from a trade perspective.”

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