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Eckersley family speaks out after daughter gives birth in woods, faces charges

The family of MLB Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley is the circumstance that led to his daughter’s arrest after she misled investigators about the whereabouts of her newborn son, who was born in a tent in the frigid New Hampshire woods. is called “grief”.

“We are devastated to learn that our daughter Allie gave birth to a baby in a tent on Christmas night. Yes,” the family of Alexandra Eckersley, 26, said in a statement.

Police: Mother who gave birth to baby in New Hampshire woods leaves newborn in freezing tent

Alexandra Eckersley, 26, was arrested Sunday, December 25, after her newborn son was found undressed, frozen and alone on the floor of a frost-covered tent.

Police respond to reports of a woman who gave birth to a baby in a tent in the woods near Manchester’s Westside Arena just before 1 a.m. After more than an hour’s search by officers, Eckersley revealed the baby’s true location. It is said that it was made in the wrong place. According to her affidavit, Eckersley told the EMT that she “didn’t know she was pregnant and she felt like she had to use the restroom.”

According to the Eckersley family, the adopted daughter suffered from “a lifelong severe mental illness” and was hospitalized several times for treatment.

“We did our best to get Ally as much help and support as we could as a person,” the family said. There was even less we could do, as Ally was legally free to make her own decisions unless, under existing law, there was absolutely no way to force her into treatment. Despite this, we continued to support her wherever we could.”

Alexandra has been living on the streets of New Hampshire since she was 20, but hopes the ordeal will prompt her to seek professional care, according to her family.

“We’ve always offered Ally a way home, but she made another choice,” the Eckersleys said. I hope you will accept it, and I hope that everyone who hears this tragic story will withhold judgment about our daughter until all the facts are clear.

The Eckersley family says they are in the process of filing a guardianship petition to get more information about Alexandra’s newborn son and ultimately gain control over decision-making.

“Thank you for your support and prayers for this beautiful and innocent boy. We hope people understand how painful this is and we respectfully ask for privacy.”

Investigators said it was about 18 degrees when the baby was rescued.

“As soon as the baby was picked up, members of our fire department and American Medical Response handed him over and immediately warmed him up as much as possible in the back seat of the fire truck and drove him to the hospital. Chief Ryan Cassin.

Cashin said his quick emergency response “save the baby’s life.”

Eckersley was arraigned Tuesday in Hillsboro Superior Court North and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, tampering with physical evidence, and committing second-degree assault and reckless conduct, officials said.

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