Eagles News: Concerns that emerged from the loss to the Cowboys

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NFC Hierarchy/Obituary: Week 17 – PhillyVoice
On the surface, the Eagles’ loss in Dallas can be dismissed as a game that doesn’t mean much, but if you’re an Eagles fan looking for reason to worry, there’s plenty. Still similar to a quarterback playing well? When will the injured list stop piling up because he couldn’t get the job done in Dallas? Will Jalen Hurts’ pitching ability suffer from a shoulder injury each time he returns? Eagles on New Year’s Day If they win the Saints, they can breathe a sigh of relief, lick their wounds, and start preparing for the divisional round. Otherwise…

Eagles Christmas Wish List in NFL Draft – BGN
The Eagles have one of the best defenses in the league, with three different players on the line with double-digit sacks. But few know better than Howie Roseman that reloading in the trenches can’t be stopped. Josh Sweat, Herson Reddick and Jordan Davis are young cornerstones, but they can continue to add young and dynamic talent to keep this line one of the league’s best for years to come. .

NFL Division Races: Who Will Win NFC East, AFC South, AFC North and NFC South? -ESPN+
NFC East is still a race as the three balls bounce. In his 40-34 head-to-head between the Cowboys and Eagles on Saturday, the difference between the win and loss looked like his three fumbles, each recovered by the home team. Here’s how they swung. With a seven-point lead in the third quarter, the Cowboys recovered at the Eagles’ 37-yard line after Philadelphia quarterback Gardner Minshew and running back Boston Scott fumbled exchanges. They turned the shortfield into a five-play touchdown drive.After the Eagles’ touchdown restored a seven-point lead, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott was strip-sacked in midfield. The Cowboys recovered the ball at their own 38-yard line, preventing the Eagles from taking short field. After another sack, they converted one of the key plays of the game by picking up a third-and-30 on a throw to TY Hilton and scoring another touchdown four plays later. The Eagles took over three points down with 2:24 left in the game, but Miles Saunders failed for the second week in a row. The Cowboys recovered at his 21-yard line in Philadelphia to allow time in overtime. We’ll get to their decision to kick a field goal in a second, but in doing so they put him up by six points. These three recoveries allowed the Cowboys to score his 10 points and give the Eagles no possession, which normally generates about 3.1 points. If the Eagles recover even one of their three fumbles and nothing else changes, their chances of winning increase dramatically. Forcing fumbles is a skill, but once those fumbles hit the ground, it’s random who recovers them.

Devonta Smith and AJ Brown Make History Together – NBCSP
Devonta Smith and AJ Brown are one of the most explosive and productive wide receiver tandems in the NFL. Smith said he’s 24 and the Eagles have him managing his contract until 2025, and Brown said he’s 25 and he’s under contract until 2026. Smith in Dallas on Saturday had another monster game of his own. The 100-yard game is his second in a row, and here he is in four weeks and his third. In his second season he surpassed 1,000 yards. He is his third wide receiver the Eagles have drafted in the last 30 years he has received 1,000 yards in his season, and Deshawn he is his third behind Jackson and Jeremy Macklin. Brown also recorded two consecutive 100-yard games for his third season in four weeks, increasing his season total to 1,304 yards. At least he’ll play one more game, maybe he’ll play two more. and

NFL Week 16 Fantasy Football Recap: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles – PFF
The Cowboys have been one of the best tight-end slowdowns this season and also one of the worst wide-receiver interceptions. It’s no surprise that both Eagles’ starting receivers had his 100-yard game, but Gaeddart didn’t know this, regardless of injury. The Eagles face the New Orleans Saints next week, and the team is adept at slowing tight ends, but even being cautious this week shouldn’t stop Geddard from returning to a fantastic starter. No.

Jump off the Tua Tagovailoa Railway – Soccer Outsider
The Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles make for a great NFC championship game. The Cowboys proved Saturday that he can beat any team in the NFL by recovering from a 10-0 and 27-17 deficit to beat the Eagles 37-34. The Cowboys played Week 15 against the Jaguars and Week 14 against the Texans, proving that they can lose to any team in the NFL, so a Christmas Eve comeback and late-game defensive stop was his It was a reassuring change of pace. Meanwhile, the Eagles have shown they’re hardly helpless without Jalen Hurts, who gave the world a welcome gift in his NFC playoffs next week by defeating the Cleveland Browns with a 17-10 snoozer. Home field against the Orleans Saints should be able to close out his advantage. The Eagles’ biggest problem right now is their sudden, newly developed habit of doing a lot of turnovers, making them critical mistakes in high-leverage situations. giving up bombs to Hilton, etc.). The biggest problem with cowboys today is the suddenness or lack of newness in those habits.

Robert Kraft Hall of Fame Eligibility and Next Steps: Mike Sand’s Pick Six – The Athletic
Frequent rushing and scrambling can increase the number of times a quarterback takes hard hits, raising concerns that the body will break prematurely even if devastating injuries are avoided during the rush.Cam Newton, Michael Vick, and Robert Griffin III ranked leaders in rushes and scrambles designed per start among quarterbacks entering the NFL since 2000. Hurts, Justin Fields, Jackson, Kyler Murray, Josh His Allen is one of the current players with high usage in these ways. Hearts’ Eagles and Fields’ Bears earned praise for adapting their offenses to feature what both players offer as runners. They suffered a shoulder injury while performing a run rush.

Questions Raise As 2022 NFL Playoff Pictures Take Shape –
5) Can the Eagles retain the No. 1 seed in the NFC? Yes. They are the most complete team in the league, able to survive challenges from Minnesota, San Francisco and Dallas thanks to his Jalen Hurts at quarterback. It’s unclear if Hearts will miss a second game in a row with a shoulder injury, but the Eagles are deep enough to pass the Saints without him. Otherwise, he could be healthy enough to return for the season finale against the Giants, who won 48-22 two weeks ago.

Dallas Cowboys Playoffs Photos: Bucks Win Sunday Night Makes Cowboys Playoff Game Chances in Tampa High – Blogging The Boys
Even if they win a division, the Buccaneers are locked into four seeds within the NFC. As has been pointed out many times, the Eagles can beat the NFC East with a loss or win the Cowboys have achieved on their own (which they couldn’t do on Saturday, by the way). If Dallas becomes a wildcard, it means they will visit the Bucs for the fifth seed. This is going to be a very interesting Week 18 for both Dallas and Tampa Bay. How seriously would either team take the regular season finale, knowing specifically who they’ll face in the wildcard round, not just heading to the playoffs a week from now. , if this particular series of things didn’t happen in Week 17, all that speculation wouldn’t hold. But be prepared. The Cowboys are very likely heading to Tampa Bay.

Giants vs. Colts Odds: New York Favors Playoff Reach – Big Blue View
The New York Giants are hoping the new year will bring the franchise’s first playoff berth since 2016, and the oddsmakers are giving them a good chance of earning a spot. The Giants are a 3-point favorite against the Colts in Week 17 and a -165 moneyline favorite in the DraftKings Sportsbook. Over/under he opened with 41 points. Both the Giants and Colts are still reeling from Minnesota’s excruciating loss to his Vikings. The Colts’ loss is a 33-point comeback and the Giants’ loss is a 61-yard field goal.

What are the odds? Washington Commanders open as favorites against Cleveland Browns – Hogs Haven
After losing a must-win game to the New York Giants in prime time last Sunday night, the Washington Commanders traveled the country in a short week to face the San Francisco 49ers. , the final score was a 37-20 defeat. Washington remains his seventh seed in the NFC playoffs as the Seahawks and Lions lost. They are half a game ahead of the Seahawks and Lions, and if they beat the Dolphins today, the Packers will move up the seed.

Tua Tagovailoa threw the worst interception of Christmas – SB Nation
The Miami Dolphins have one more chance to win a game against the Green Bay Packers on their final drive of the Week 16 Christmas game. Miami had two minutes left to drive down the field for the game-winning touchdown. Instead, the Packers cooled the game after two plays by intercepting Tagovailoa three times in the afternoon. Packers DB Rasul Douglas grabbed a game-ending interception to freeze the win and keep the Packers’ narrow playoff hopes alive. The Dolphins looked like Tyreek Hill was open in midfield, but instead Tagovailoa tried to match the ball to Mike Geschki on the outside. He airmailed the throw and Douglas stepped in for an easy pick. This is just a bad throw.

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