Derek Carr’s benching kicks off the 2023 QB carousel (and why Tom Brady to the Raiders makes sense)

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A handful of disastrous quarterback news hit the net Wednesday, setting the stage for a surprising end to the regular season and a very interesting offseason. was benched and the QB subsequently walked away from the team.

Charles Robinson & Jolly Epstein Starting this mid-week podcast reacting to the news from Las Vegas, pending free agent QB Tom Brady reunites with former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels (now Raiders head coach) for one final ride. And given that Carr is most likely to take place in Vegas, which team would make sense as a landing spot for the 31-year-old passer? ?

In other QB news, Charles and Joli discuss the recent concussion suffered by Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa and what it means for his future, followed by Carson Wentz returning as Washington Commanders QB1. Analyze Ron Rivera’s announcement.

Charles and Joli then return to Monday’s news that the Denver Broncos have fired first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett and what that means for the team going forward. , how would you react to a turbulent first year under the Walton/Penner Ownership Group and what information would you need before agreeing to coach Russell Wilson?

Finally, they wrap up the podcast in anticipation of three of the weekend’s biggest games: the Carolina Panthers moving to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night, and the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. Cincinnati Bengals Battle Football.

0:20 Las Vegas Raiders Bench Derek Carr and Tom Brady Why They’re Signing for Las Vegas Next Offseason

22:15 Latest concussion to Tua Tagovailoa & what’s next for Miami Dolphins QB

32:30 Commander Washington promotes Carson Wentz as starting QB

36:10 What Candidates Want to Know About Denver Broncos Ownership After Nathaniel Hackett’s Fire

55:00 Panthers take charge of NFC South to face Buccaneers

59:35 Ravens host Steelers on SNF, but Lamar’s status remains vague

62:15 Bills and Bengals face off for short-term bragging rights as the best team in the NFL.

Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr played his final snap in silver and black as the team benched him for the rest of the season and many speculate he will be released in the offseason. There is a possibility. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

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