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Dem Rep. Katie Porter under fire for treatment of veteran fellow as former staffer decries culture of fear

California Democrat Rep. Katie Porter’s office has heated up over how she treated a veteran and former staff member who contracted COVID-19 in July and allegedly violated “office protocols.” I’m here.

A screenshot of a text message between Porter and her former Wounded Soldier Program Fellow, Sasha Georgiades, was published Thursday by the Deer White Staff Twitter account.

The post said the text messages were shared “with permission” from the staff member who shared them and detailed a conversation between Porter and Georgiades regarding the office’s COVID-19 protocols.

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A screenshot of a text message between California Democrat Rep. Katie Porter and her former staff member Sasha Georgiades was released Thursday by the Deer White staff Twitter account.

A screenshot of a text message between California Democrat Rep. Katie Porter and her former staff member Sasha Georgiades was released Thursday by the Deer White staff Twitter account.
(Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Georgiades was on Porter’s staff for two years before leaving the office in August.

Porter’s office denied in a statement to Fox News Digital that Georgiades was fired because he caught COVID-19.

“This former employee was not fired. She is a fellow in our office and weeks before she violated COVID protocols in July, we had already mutually agreed on an end date of August 2022. was,” a Porter spokesperson wrote.

“Rep. Porter had told her that she would be working from home for the remaining three weeks of her fellowship,” the spokesperson continued. We tested twice a day and only attended in-person meetings if the results were negative.”

Georgiades told Fox News Digital on Thursday that she “wasn’t fired. [Porter] I couldn’t fire her.

“Because I was a wounded warrior, the program must have caught fire. [me]”Basically, I was demoted to remote and kicked out of office.”

“If it wasn’t for the Wounded Warrior Program’s protection, I think she would have,” the Navy veteran added.

Georgiades said her experience in Porter’s office was “not uncommon.”

“She’s making multiple staffers cry, and people are generally very concerned about even staffing her.”She just talks to staff as she pleases.

A former Porter staffer said the congressman's office was

A former Porter staffer said the congressman’s office “burdens staff with work and they either can’t do it all or they get fired because they can’t keep up.”
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“At one point we were on an office hike and she left her children behind with the staff while she walked with the chief of staff,” she continued. “It doesn’t even consider us or our emotions or what we’re going through. It’s just her and what she wants. As who wrote.”

A former Porter official said that the congressman’s office “burdens staff with work until they can’t make ends meet, or they get fired because they can’t keep up.” It happened right after we got to .” said another staff member. ”

“He was so upset and hurt,” Georgiades said, adding that the staff was an assistant to the staff of the office, an entry-level paid role in the congressional office.

Georgiades told the libertarian publication Reason that the “office protocol for testing” was not to get tested for COVID immediately after feeling unwell.

“At the time, I felt okay, but it hurt as if I had worked too hard,” she said in an interview. I received it, told the district chief that I had been tested, and stayed at home.”

Georgiades also said the congressman had been out of touch since she left.

“[Porter] After this, she didn’t say a word to me,” she said.

According to a published text, Porter asked Georgiades on July 8 why he “did not follow office protocols regarding testing” for COVID-19, saying he was “genuinely disappointed.”

“I’m terribly sorry. You’re right. I should have done better,” Georgiades replied the same day. “Just because you felt okay in the moment doesn’t mean you were okay.”

“Sasha — Given that you have failed to follow office policy, I cannot allow you to return to the office,” Porter wrote the next day, July 9. Describe your remote work schedule and responsibilities in the coming weeks. ”

“Okay. Thank you for the last two years and for everything I’ve learned,” Georgiades replied. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, because I know that finding out that my Navy friend was murdered and that my head was in the worst possible state is no excuse.”

“It’s not an excuse, it’s the reason for the lack of forethought,” she continued. “I am grateful for everything this office has done for me.”

Porter replied to Georgiades, writing, “Well, you gave me Covid. In 25 months I got sick because I didn’t follow the rules.”

“The children have no one to care for them,” said a California congressman.

Porter has had controversial texts, including one in which she accused the mayor of Irvine, Calif., of Irvine, Calif., last year after she vandalized the Irvine Police Department after she vandalized the city hall in a violent manner. There is a history of messages coming to the surface.


In the text, Porter criticized Khan, saying he would not call the mayor after Julian Willis was arrested for allegedly punching a pro-Trump protester and giving the protester a bloodbath.

“Tell me about professionalism, and we’ll see what happens,” Porter wrote in the text, while Democrats batted to the House on the same day they voted for a resolution on the ground rules of an impeachment inquiry at the time. She was famous for wearing a girl’s Halloween costume. –President Donald Trump. The National Republican Congressional Committee and other Republicans mocked the costume on Twitter.