Charles Sobhraj, murderer known as the Serpent, to be released from prison

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After serving a 19-year murder sentence, notorious 78-year-old French murderer Charles Sobrazi, who was convicted of murdering a backpacker who was traveling on Asia’s “hippie trail” in the 1970s. The country’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday after he was released from prison in Nepal.

Sobraj was nearing the end of his 20-year prison sentence in Nepal after being convicted of the 1975 murders of American tourist Connie Joe Bronzich and his Canadian companion, Laurent Carriere.

The convicted killer, sometimes called “the serpent” for frequently evading police and using a disguise, has been accused of more than a dozen killings, but has never been convicted in Nepal. are only two.

A judge ordered Sobraj’s release within days based on his old age, good deeds and the length of the sentence he had already served, according to a ruling issued by Nepal’s Supreme Court. It was pointed out that the murderer who received it also suffered from a heart condition that would likely require open-heart surgery.

“His continued imprisonment violates the standard human rights of prisoners,” the court ruled, adding: He should return to his country within 15 days. ”

Sobhraj’s attorney, Lokbhakta Rana, told The Washington Post on Thursday that he praised the judge for “a very bold decision” to order his immediate release.

“Actually, I didn’t expect it at all. But it’s the right decision,” Lana added. “Nobody wanted to let him go.”

“He was tried according to the law, imprisoned according to the law, and released according to the law.”

Rana said she hopes her client will be released from a Nepalese prison within two weeks and will return to France.

Sobhraj was imprisoned in India for 21 years from 1976 after being convicted of theft. After attempting to escape in 1986, shortly before his original sentence ended, Sobraj was recaptured and returned to prison, where he faced an extended sentence.

Associated Press reports that year said Sobhraj was accused of a variety of crimes during his re-arrest in Nepal, Singapore, Greece, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Turkey and Iran, ranging from car theft to drugging, robbery and murder of a young couple. wanted for a violent crime. We were getting along.

The extension of Sobhraj’s sentence for his escape attempt, which marked the time of his final release from prison in 1997, resulted in an extradition request from Thailand, where he was wanted for 14 murders and faced the death penalty. Yes, it had expired under a 20-year law. Of the limitations, AP reports pointed out at the time.

For reasons that remain unclear, Sobhraj subsequently returned to Nepal, where he was wanted by the police on suspicion of murder. In 2003, Kathmandu He was spotted by a reporter from the Himalayan Times in a casino, arrested, and eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison. imprisonment years.

His life has been the subject of multiple dramatizations, including the 2021 multi-part drama The Serpent by Netflix and BBC.

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