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Chargers safety Derwin James Jr. reportedly won’t be suspended after he was ejected for a brutal hit on Colts WR that left both in concussion protocol

It won’t be long before everyone learns that Los Angeles Chargers safety Darwin James Jr. may be ejected for a vicious blow to Indianapolis Colts receiver Ashton Durin. It didn’t take.

James came in with the crown of his helmet and hit Durin in the head and neck area after Durin made a short catch. The hit sounded like something exploded on the field, and the crowd reacted immediately. Durin has been down for some time.

ESPN analyst Troy Aikman said: “We’ve seen a lot of football and I don’t know if we’ve ever seen a hit like that.

Los Angeles Chargers safety Darwin James Jr. (3) was ejected Monday night after hitting Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Ashton Durin. (AP Photo/Zach Bollinger)

James received a 15-yard penalty and was disqualified for the hit. This kind of attack wasn’t banned decades ago, but it was shocking to see it in the current environment.

“That was as big a clash as I’ve seen in a long time,” Aikman said.

Durin returned to the locker room shortly after the hit and was later ruled out with a concussion. James entered concussion protocolDurin was defenseless during the play and James hit him on the head and neck with the crown of his helmet. It was a textbook example of what the NFL is trying to erase from the game.

James will reportedly not be suspended for hitting Durin. NFL Network’s Tom PelisseroJames’ standard fine for hitting is $21,218 for using his helmet, according to the NFL and the NFL Players Association. Hitting an unsuspecting player carries a slightly smaller fine of $15,914.