Capitals offering physical ticket redemption for Alex Ovechkin’s milestone 802nd goal game

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Fans who attended Monday night’s historic Washington Capitals vs. Winnipeg Jets game will have the chance to receive an amazing memento commemorating the milestone of Alex Ovechkin’s 802 goals.

The Capitals are giving ticket holders for the December 23 game the opportunity to submit physical ticket stubs to be mailed.

Guest Services at Capital One Arena printed this page and displayed it at the end of the game, linking people to the web page to claim the actual ticket.

The print says:

Request an Ovi 802 Goal Game Print Ticket

Scan the QR code below and enter the information to receive a printed ticket for your seat at the Ovi 802 goal game.

– Email and section/row/seat must match valid ticket holder information. Transferred or resold tickets cannot be printed.

– Tickets will be mailed to the address provided after January 1, 2023.

You can also access the form from the link below.

This is worth taking advantage of. With the rapid adoption of mobile ticketing, physical tickets are all but a thing of the past. The only way to get one from the current Caps games is to buy a ticket stub at the box office.

Ticket stubs occupy an important position in the collectibles market. Rarity translates to very high prices for collectors wanting to commemorate an event or get an athlete’s autograph. This has resulted in a very high market price for ticket stubs, especially his Ovi’s recent milestones.

A ticket stub for the Chicago hat-trick game in which Ovechkin scored 800 goals was recently auctioned on eBay for $1,385.

One stub is currently up for auction, with bids over $700, as Ovi swept the second-best goal of all time in last night’s game.

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