Buffalo-area Target hosts Christmas weekend sleepover for stranded travelers during winter storm

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Target stores hosted a Christmas weekend sleepover for those stranded in the deadly winter storms that hit Buffalo and western New York.

According to Buffalo News, about 25 people were able to evacuate within Cheektowaga’s target. That’s because several feet of snow fell in the area during a devastating winter hit that officials now say has killed at least 35 people.

“I can’t say enough about the Target employees who opened up to us and provided us with everything we needed. You guys are literally lifesavers!!” Jessica Shipniewski of Seneca West said Faith I wrote it in a book.

She told the Buffalo News that she, her boyfriend and two children were welcomed at a Target store after being stuck in whiteout conditions on Friday.

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A customer poses in front of Target's door.

About 25 people spent the holiday weekend trapped in Target stores after being stranded in a blizzard near Buffalo. Employees reportedly wore gray Buffalo Bill fleece. (Jessica Lee/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX/Fox News)

Upon their arrival, Sypniewski said she was offered hot Starbucks cocoa and a blanket.

“They said, ‘Whatever you need is ours,'” she told the newspaper.

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People lay on their beds, playing with their mobile phones and coloring pages at Target's children's sock counter.

A photo shared by Facebook user Jessica Sypniewski shows people of all ages camping inside the store with air mattresses, blankets and pillows. (Fox News/Fox News)

Sometime on Christmas Eve, Target’s staff opened the televisions to start a Buffalo Bills game so that locals could watch the team beat the Chicago Bears.

It wasn’t until Christmas Day that the area around the store was dug up and people were able to go home.

Photo of the front door of a Target Frozen Shut.

The front door of Cheektowaga’s Target store during a snowy weekend. (Jessica Lee/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX/Fox News)


Mark Schindele, executive vice president and chief of Target, said: A store officer told FOX Business in a statement.

Shoppers waiting at Starbucks section of Target.

The stranded employee opened the ice-over door and welcomed the stranded driver with hot Starbucks cocoa. (Jessica Lee/LOCAL NEWS X/TMX/Fox News)

“Their actions are a living example of the target’s values, and we are grateful that we were able to help those in need,” he said.

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