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one The best holiday gift we got as a collective people this year is teen climate activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg, a perfect note to men’s rights podcaster Andrew Tate. It was a slam dunk of none. After Tate tweeted her a list of his car collection and boasted about his displacement, Thunberg fought back and sent the list to the email [email protected], encouraged Tate to “enlighten her.” Thunberg’s refreshing response apparently caught Internet personalities off guard. reply The moment was, “How are you?”

For those who don’t know, Tait is a former kickboxer who used his failed reality show job to switch to a career in content creation.The now infamous media personality was kicked out of the 2016 UK edition Brother After a video of him beating a woman with a belt was leaked. Both Tate and the woman in the video said the actions were consensual, but Tate also faced numerous accusations of abuse from other women. and later moved to Romania.

“I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea that I can only do what I want,” he said. “I like being free.”

In April 2022, Tate and his brother Tristan’s home were raided by Romanian police as part of a human trafficking investigation, but no one was charged, and both Tates deny the allegations.

But Tate is probably most famous for his frequent appearances on podcasts and Twitch, like his belief that raped women share some of the blame and that women are worth less the more they have. It gained popularity by doubling down on a very misogynistic take. sex. Tate had amassed at least four million of his Instagram followers and nearly one million of his YouTube subscribers until he was banned from his site.

It took Tate ten hours to come up with a better comeback to the Thunberg diss. Clearly, the best he could do was his practically condescending one-minute response video. But it’s not just Versace bathrobes and poor sound quality, Tate also manages to misrepresent climate change, Thunberg jokes, and his entire political ethos. I have.

“I’m obviously not used to online controversy”

Either Tate doesn’t know how sarcasm works or the internet personality fundamentally misunderstands how he makes money. has built an online presence and a devoted fan base by spewing out often misogynistic views. His videos thrived on controversial opinions, even banning the podcaster from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. It was banned on Twitter for more than that.

“My very large collection of cars When An internal combustion engine powered by a dead dinosaur…”

Dead dinosaurs are a common reference (if apocryphal) to crude oil made from organic matter that has decomposed over millions of years. But how does his brother Tristan feel about Tate calling the car collection they share together his own?

“[Greta] He gave me his email address. ”

I’m not here to explain comedy to Tate, but this is a very silly way to bring the joke back to Thunberg. The podcaster’s likes and retweets are filled with other right-wing political commentators trying to explain why they find Thunberg’s reaction uninteresting. Thunberg is confident he will bring Matt Walsh to the next workshop.

“I’m not actually mad at Greta.”

Sir, you’re a grown-up, and in a fight you instigated, had an employee film iPhone applause for a 19-year-old. I had to shoot this video at least once in an ugly Versace robe. You look visibly upset.

“Bring your pizza and make sure those boxes aren’t recycled.”

BREAKING: Andrew Tate doesn’t know pizza boxes can’t be recycled.

“[Greta] unaware that she is a slave to the Matrix.

Here’s the big one. Much of Tate’s content revolves around the New Age belief that the modern world is its own matrix. A theory based on the 1999 science fiction film matrix, Tate believes the world is controlled by powerful people or machines that keep people unaware that they have been brainwashed. You can choose to take the red pill and keep your eyes open. The film series draws a lot of inspiration from the philosopher Jean Baudrillard and philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. In recent years, however, being the red pill has turned into a hallmark of the men’s rights and incel (unconsciously celibate) movements. I wonder why Tate doesn’t mention that his favorite theory is actually an allegory of being transgender.


It’s been a little over a month since Musk officially brought Tate back to Twitter. This gave Tate another platform in favor of general misogyny, targeted speech, and sold access to his learning platform, “The Real World.” As long as he’s making this much money, Tate isn’t going anywhere. But as long as he keeps talking, it’s good to know that there will always be at least one person willing to beat him up.

Editor’s Note: Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate were detained on December 29 in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group.

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