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Bo Nix calls game-winning touchdown to Chase Cota for Oregon Ducks to complete comeback in Holiday Bowl

Bo Nix has had a variety of name, image and likeness deals, and another deal after the Oregon quarterback used voodoo magic to duck out of a 10-point deficit at 9:13 to go to the Holiday Bowl. may need to be done.

The Knicks went 9/10 for 103 yards and two touchdowns to cap off a dramatic comeback as the Ducks, two-touchdown favorites, went down 24-14. Petco ranked 15th in his 28-27 victory over North Carolina at his park Wednesday night.

During Oregon’s timeout with 24 seconds remaining, the Knicks called the play that completed the rally: Donuts.

“It’s one of our go-to plays,” Nix said. “We’re very happy with that play. We’ve done it many times. It’s hard to stop an opponent in a good situation. That’s Troy[Franklin]and[Terence Ferguson]and Chase. Put them in the best possible situation.

“Sure enough they brought the house blitz. Chase knows it’s a throw many times. Once we get home he’ll get a natural pick across the middle, And Bucky (Irving) did a great job picking up protection, and we threw it down the middle to get a touchdown completion.

It’s the final act of the 2022 season for the Knicks, who moved to Oregon from Auburn, as they reunite with offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham to lead the Ducks to a potential Pac-12 championship and college football playoffs. I helped for That dream was possible until the Knicks were injured against Washington.

Dillingham left to become Arizona State’s head coach, but the Knicks maintained the autonomy he had for making adjustments and calling plays throughout the season. Interim offensive coordinator Drew Mellinger called the play Wednesday, but the Knicks had the final say in the game.

“Bo called it well what he wanted. But we all agree that you believe in your quarterback,” said Oregon coach Dan Lanning. Told. “Credit to Bo, and Drew and the offensive staff, all the players on the offense. At times, it was like, “Yeah, let’s do that.” “

It was also fitting that Cota, an Oregon heritage who started his career at UCLA, was on the side receiving the decisive score. Kota had all three catches of her for 42 yards in 9:03 of the final.

“It’s a whole bowl of preparation against our defense. Never had a look like that, but I got it here at a bowl practice site once, missed it and started over. Sure, it’s a game It was the exact same thing,” Kota said. “It was perfect. Bo saw it, it was an easy touchdown.

When it was time to make donuts, Nicks delivered them.

“It’s an optional route and there are so many different angles that it’s hard to stop from a defensive standpoint,” said Knicks, who went 23-of-30 for 205 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. . “As long as we hit it, my heart went to fourth and second from the six-yard line. That’s what I like to call because we had the most reps.” Yes, I know exactly where each person is going.

“Chase did a good job getting over the field with man coverage, seeing the ball and catching it and getting into the end zone. I’m very proud of Chase. He deserved it.”

Camden Lewis’ PAT, giving Oregon the lead, bounced through from the left upright, even after the heroic performances of the Knicks and Cota.

“Tonight we talked about ending the season with an exclamation mark instead of a period,” Lanning said. “And I think it was an exclamation mark.”

— James Crepea reports from San Diego.