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Bengals News (12/27): Mac Jones tries to explain hit on Eli Apple

NFL Insider to Andrew Whitworth: ‘Get the ring with the Cincinnati Bengals’
The retired two-time All-Pro left tackle rode into the sunset last season at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, but NFL Network’s Peter Schrager said one of his 2021 teammates did in the playoffs. I think we should bring out the movement.

The Bengals’ offensive line looks to keep up the good times with the next player
So when the Grinch stole Christmas on Sunday and the Bengals dealt with the news that Collins was out this year with a torn ACL, Anderson, one of the gurus of the offensive line revered on social media, said: , talked positively about Bengaldam with Hakeem Adenizi in the third match. He steps into January as the right tackle for the AFC’s hottest team.

NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger: Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is an assassin
“It’s worth noting that when the umpire walked away from Joe Burrow here, slot Trenton Irwin replaced Tyler Boyd. He just got injured. So now Irwin has a match. And Joe Burrow does this throw. And he’s just an assassin. The ball is just above and completely floating into the end zone and the celebration is on. [Ja’Marr] Chase, Tea Higgins, they’re all here to celebrate, and they should. I mean, Barrow couldn’t wait to get the umpire out in the frigid weather here and wanted to pick up the tempo to keep the Patriots a little off guard. ”

Patriots QB Mack Jones could be fined for low-hitting Bengals CB Eli Apple
The play occurred in the fourth quarter of a 10-point game between the Bengals and the Patriots, when a Bengals safety bomber appeared to force a Jones fumble. Linebacker Jermaine Pratt scooped up a live ball and sprinted in the opposite direction for a touchdown on the decisive fumble return. After chasing him in vain, Jones turned his head back and dove towards the feet of Apple, who was chasing Pratt as the linebacker approached the end zone.

Patriots QB Mac Jones explains Bengals’ Eli Apple’s low hit
Sources say the NFL is reviewing play, which has become standard operating procedure at every game as part of the on-field conduct code for all players. persons are subject to fines.

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2023 NFL Draft order: No. 1 overall pick Texans lose grip after Week 16 win, Bears loss
The Texans are suddenly just half a game behind in contention for the No. 1 overall pick. This increases the odds of not getting a quarterback with at least the first pick of the first round. If that scenario plays out, we wouldn’t be at all shocked if they used high picks on their defensive enforcers to beef up lines that were connected by different pieces.

Chargers D continue to make playoffs: ‘Perfect performance’ shuts out Colts
“We’ve got a really connected unit, a team that plays very hard,” Staley said through the team’s official website. do all that is necessary to make a reasonable effort.

Broncos fire coach Nathaniel Hackett after starting 4-11 in first season in Denver
“We recognize and appreciate the championship history of this organization. We understand that we have not lived up to its standards.Our fans deserve better and we We can’t say enough about their loyalty during such a challenging stretch for the team in. We have carefully evaluated every aspect of football operations and made the necessary changes to recapture this franchise’s winning tradition. I will add.”

Burning questions as the 2022 NFL playoff picture takes shape
Jaguars. They’ve stockpiled talent and have made up for it in recent years with expensive free-agent signings.