At some point, NFL’s doctors and/or teams may keep Tua Tagovailoa off the field

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The story surfaced after Tua Tagovailoa was recently placed on concussion protocol. It goes something like this: “Tua shouldn’t be playing again this year.”

It makes little sense. If he is allowed to return to play this season, why shouldn’t he? It could be (like it did against the Vikings back in October), but if he’s cleared, he’ll be cleared.

The more important question is not whether he should play again this year, but whether he should never. The issue is clearly within the player’s family. NBC’s Chris Collinsworth explained that when asked during a Steelers-Dolphins game earlier this year if his parents would be okay with Tua continuing to play, Tua replied, “I don’t know.”

Tua doesn’t want to leave, but he may be under increasing pressure from his family to stop. And at some point, you may find yourself unable to get your doctor cleared to play, much like the former NFL turned Jarvid Best back. Physics is not on Tua’s side. He’s smaller than most quarterbacks, and so far has shown his inability to defend against blows where his head hits the ground.

The broader question is whether Tua’s history of concussions will become a scarlet letter, prompting the Dolphins to move away from him and other teams to keep him away. So players who have some of them run the risk of becoming the latest victims of implied collusion.

Rightly or wrongly, those who truly run the league certainly recognize that it’s not good for business to regularly raise controversy over whether a player is concussion-prone. So a wider football machine, made up of replaceable parts that are replaced on a regular basis, rejects Tua to get over this question of if, when, and if Tua will get a concussion again. There is a possibility.

Despite the league’s popular belief that notoriety doesn’t exist, the constant concussion debate is bad for everyone. This threatens to choke the supply of future professional footballers.

So the best outcome for the NFL might be for Tua’s parents to stop him from playing. may make decisions for

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