As Eagles’ Miles Sanders regrets costly fumble, why did A.J. Brown say ‘that’s not a loss’?

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ARLINGTON, TX – The crowd roared as the ball splattered and Miles Sanders chased it. He knew that the euphoria of the fans meant he flipped the ball at the worst possible time.

So Sanders lay face down on the grass of AT&T Stadium, slammed his fist, and with 2:07 left, the Eagles were down on a field goal. He then came over to the sideline, put his hands on his helmet, and he crouched down in disgust as his teammates came over to comfort him.

“We have to keep the rocks,” Sanders told News Journal after the game. “It’s hard to win when he has four turnovers. We all made mistakes. Self-harm, myself included.”

Pick your mistake in the Eagles’ 40-34 loss to the Cowboys on Saturday. There were certainly many. There were four turnovers, plus a terrible mistake by the defense, with Dak Prescott reaching TY Hilton for 52 yards midway through the fourth quarter, giving the Eagles a touchdown lead.

Darius Sorey was reported under it, and Josiah Scott belatedly provided deep support.

“Certainly, we should have stopped them there,” said defensive end Josh Sweat. felt like I couldn’t stop…it just deflated…same page, really all play.We all bounce back.”

So it seemed pretty strange for Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown to say: “It’s not a loss. It’s going to be like a playoff. I think getting that experience now means a lot.”

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Of course, if this were the playoffs, the Eagles would go home with the best 13-2 record in the NFL. As it stands, the clinching parties for both the NFC East Division title and the No. 1 seed in the NFC Playoffs have been put on hold for a week, with an accompanying bye week.

The Eagles could take both by winning one more or losing another to the Cowboys in their final two regular season games.

Brown was not wrong.

After all, the Eagles were offensively unstoppable, and this was Gardner Minshew’s backup quarterback getting his first start of the season. Minshew threw for 355 yards and two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Prior to that, the Eagles were unstoppable with Jaylen Hurts as quarterback. Hurts he is a frontrunner for MVP. Hearts with a sprained shoulder may be out of action until the playoffs.

As Minshew put it, for the Eagles, it boils down to, “At the end of the day, you can’t stop yourself.”

The Cowboys certainly didn’t stop the Eagles because they never punted. All drives ended in touchdowns, field goals or turnovers.

And this is perhaps the most surprising stat. Brown has 103 receiving yards, Devonta Smith has 113 yards and he has two touchdowns. It was the third time the Eagles had two wide receivers over 100 yards in the same game.

The last time the Eagles happened even once before this season has to go back to 2013.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Josiah Scott (33) plays defense on Dec. 24, 2022 in Arlington, Texas, while Dallas Cowboys wide receiver TY Hilton (16) passes for 52 yards on 3 and 30 yards. to catch Dallas he won 40-34.

Brown and Smith also became the first pair of Eagles receiving duos to exceed 1,000 yards each in the same season.

Sanders also has over 1,000 yards rushing and Hearts has 747 yards on the ground.

Well, that’s right, Brown isn’t lamenting what happened on Saturday. it fell.

“I was running[to a defender]thinking someone turned around and was going to at least take him down,” Brown said. “But nobody did it.”

Brown was never angry.

“Probably one of the most fun games I’ve been in.

When asked why, he replied: Learn from No need to go down It’s just a learning experience out there It’s not a loss It’s a learning experience

Some of those lessons are obvious. There was a Sanders failure. Kez Minshew’s two interceptions on his Watkins-targeted passes were both robbed by defenders. and a failed handover between Minshew and running back Boston Scott.

The Cowboys converted those four turnovers into 20 points. This was enough to offset Sweat’s pick 6 early in the game, which gave the Eagles a 10-0 lead.

And, of course, there were the third and thirtieth conversions.

“I said to the guys coming out at halftime, ‘Every drive counts,'” Brown said. “It’s very important. Every drive is important. Sometimes you turn the ball over, you mess with the ball. You can’t do that in the playoffs. You have to get those teams out.”

The Eagles can still put any team away. They know it, and so do the Cowboys, so these guys will likely be a painful loss if the two teams meet again, say he’s scheduled to travel to the Super Bowl at the end of January. The lessons from will be rewarded.

Even Sanders knows this through his antics.

“Without the turnover, I think we would have had a different conversation,” Sanders said. “We just let this get away from us.”

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This article originally appeared in the Delaware News Journal.

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