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Alex Ovechkin scores 30th career hat trick in Capitals’ 9-2 win over Montreal Canadiens

Alex Ovechkin Finished 2022 in style. The Capitals captain scored his trick against the Hutts on New Year’s Eve against the Montreal Canadiens.

The hat came to Jake Allen and was the 30th time in Ovi’s career.

The three-goal night gave Ovi a tally of 806 in his career. He is now 88 goals behind Wayne Gretzky.

Goal 1

Ovi’s first goal, career goal No. 804, came in even strength in the second period. Ovi claimed an errant hub pass and ended up in position near the crease. Ultimately, Trevor van Riemsdyk sent a perfect sauce his pass to his Ovechkin, giving him a one-off chance. The goal made it 4-1.

Goal 2

Ovi’s second tally was for his career goal No. 1 power play in office. A goal in the third period made it 6-2.

Goal 3

It was Ovechkin’s third, career No. 806, 9-2. Ovi performed a power move down the left flank, stripping off Hubb’s defense in the process and scoring for Allen in front of the net. It flew his hat onto the ice.

Ovechkin didn’t celebrate much because the game was too lopsided.

Ovechkin, who scored a hat-trick against the Chicago Blackhawks 18 days ago, is now the sixth-leading hat-trick in NHL history.

Ovi currently has 26 goals, tying him for third on the NHL’s goalscoring list. Only Conor McDavid (32) and Tage Thompson (27) hold more records. The Capitals captain is on pace for 54 goals this season.

Capitals fans chant “We Want 10” like 10 goals, but they’ll have to settle for 9 goals and 1 hat from the team’s greatest player.

Headline photo: @pennybacker/Twitter