5 questions, 5 answers: FSU finishes off best year since 2016 with bowl win

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No. 13 Florida State (10-3, 5-3) cleared many hurdles on Thursday to cap off the program’s best season since 2016 while also snapping a decades-long losing streak to the Oklahoma Sooners. did.

FSU won double-digit games and bowl matchups for the first time since that year. This reflects the team has been working towards revitalizing itself under head coach Mike Nobel.

Florida State left Orlando with a win, but a late-game effort and stand gave FSU the win, but the Seminoles appeared to be in danger of squandering their chance to reach 10 wins on the year. It looked like

There will clearly be another Seminole team on the field in 2023, but the question remains as to what Florida State needs to do in the coming months for even more success next year.

To help gain insight into Florida’s victory, tomahawk nation The staff worked on several questions and stories for the game.

What does 10 wins mean for FSU and Mike Norvell?

Last Nole of Krypton: 5-10 wins is an improvement and accomplishment to say the least. FSU’s preseason over/under was 6.5 wins. No one expected this team to be this good. Testimony of Mike Nobel.

Nole Thru and Thru: 10 wins is a very useful selling point on the Seminole Recruit Trail. Perception is very important, and his double-digit winning seasons, including state championships.

Evan Johnson: The coach knew this was a big game for recruiting reasons.And as a human with ten fingers counting in decimal, it’s a good number to hit. It’s also nice to have twice as many wins as him from one year to the next. This number is often played on booster tours.

Perry: Even the optimistic ones felt like they were giving themselves a limb by saying 8 wins, and 9 wins almost felt like a disingenuous prediction. did. We could point to some of these teams’ records as disadvantages if we wanted to, but the fact remains that the Seminoles were very similar to the Top 15, except for three games. A team and definitely in the top 10. Nobel had to prove it this year — and he’s even more than that, setting up a giant in 2023.

Ben Myerson: This team under Norvell has focused on momentum, both positive and negative. With the current top transfer class and a number of key players returning again in his 2023 season, I think this team can continue its upward trajectory (which was very intentional). They will face Orlando’s LSU in this same stadium, so let’s see if they can continue this climb.

Which throw was more impressive for Jordan Travis? A completed touchdown to Ontalia Wilson or a deep throw to Johnny Wilson?

LastNoleOfKrypton: It was a crossbody throw, so TD went to Ontalia Wilson.

Nole Thru and Thru: yes.

Evan Johnson: Throw that McClane dropped? It was right there in his bread basket and well-publicized. JT made some very good passes.

Perry: A throw to Ontalia, if only because Johnny’s effort to catch was probably more impressive than anything that night. Johnny has a lot of work to do to be consistent with his catches.His tendency to think about running before securing the ball reappeared tonight.A receiver in school history.

Ben Myerson: We saw JT sling the ball downfield and do a perfect drop-in-the-bucket throw for a touchdown to Ontalia Wilson. The touchdown was impressive, and if he can do more next season (operating out of the pocket), this offense is boundless.

What was your biggest concern with this game?

Last Nole of Krypton: Depending on what Fabian Lovett decides after this game, this defense cannot continue to be so soft in midfield without him. With his DT this off-season he needs to spend some serious time with his coach, the Storms, with everyone else named Fabian Lovett.

Nole Thru and Thru: LastNoleofKrypton nailed it. It’s scary how one player can have such a big impact on defense, especially when that player isn’t expected to come back.

Perry: The same concerns we’ve had almost all year – FSU can’t get off the field on third downs and convert big plays into points on offense. They dominated their opponents and the game ended halfway ahead. They were able to overcome them with many wins this season, but those trends continue to be their Achilles heel.

Evan Johnson: I agree with defensive line comment. OU was playing back-up lines and punching big holes, but FSU felt like something more was missing. physicality. Early on, it became clear that OU was trying to get into his FSU head. They were playing with a whistle, but the referee didn’t call it. OU did well, perhaps for the first time this year, but FSU didn’t. “I think Knowles figured it out at some point, but I wanted to see OU start the game with the attitude they had.

Ben Myerson: My biggest concern is how the Seminoles will replace Jamie Robinson. They can’t do it, but he was the best player on the Orlando field.Without Jammy, life for the rest of the defensive back would be more difficult. He is very versatile and always in communication on the field. He will be missed next season.

What should FSU fix for next year?

LastNoleOfKrypton: I think the defense will be better in the secondary. Jammy Robinson is a big loss, as evidenced by his brilliance tonight.

Nole Thru and Thru: FSU needs a new defensive backs coach, especially a technician who specializes in fundamentals and development. Those boys have many talents, but they need to be mentored in a big way.

Evan Johnson: Ditto Nole Thru and Thru. I don’t see how a secondary can struggle. I wish Fuller pressed DBs, but I don’t think it matters. At one point, Cooper gave up a first down because he cheated by putting a receiver outside his mark on a 3-yard and he 10-yard hash at 5 yards out. he must be smarter than that. He must be coached better than that.

Perry: The secondary cannot continue to underperform — and the fact that most of us mention it clearly shows that the Seminoles need to make some changes in that department. The defensive line should be strengthened with transfer portal infusions, but it doesn’t matter how much you push your opponent back with downs and distance if you can’t prevent big pass plays.

Ben Myerson: Defense is a concern next season, but the Seminoles need to start winning games up front with their offensive and defensive lines. They were better in the trenches this season, but their inability to control the line of scrimmage led them to play some games too close together.

Cheeze-It or Cheeze-It Crackers?-It or Cheeze-It Crackers?

LastNoleOfKrypton: cheese it’s

Nole Thru and Thru: Someone removed me from the prediction thread, but I promise FSU won 35-32 with my favorite player’s kick.

Evan Johnson: I do not wish to defile Prince Chedward’s edict. It’s a Cheeze-It Cracker and on the battlefield he meets LastNoleOfKrypton to prove me right. Gauntlets are thrown.

Perry: Goldfish to be honest.

Ben Myerson: I woke up feeling the crappiest coach. Cheez-It crackers.

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