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You’re Missing Out If You’re Not Ordering Mexican Food With Mole

Some claim that moles are an acquired taste, but there are definitely variations for everyone. Onions, garlic, chocolate and certain seeds are also common additives. Moles come in many different colors, but the most iconic is chocolate brown.

There are dozens of varieties to try, but Mole Poblano is probably the most popular variation. Also known as the red mole, this sweet and spicy variation originated in the Puebla region and is widely known as a Mexican national dish. Its unique flavor is the result of using more chilies, dried fruits and nuts and less chocolate.

Mole sauce is a great choice to order at a restaurant as it can complement a wide variety of dishes. Mexicali says mole is usually paired with chicken-based dishes, but it also pairs well with beef and enchiladas. Adds great richness to these dishes. That said, there’s no wrong way to serve a mole. Whether it’s served over rice or layered on an already overcooked tortilla, your newfound obsession with moles could be here to stay.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with this iconic sauce, don’t be shy and order it on your next Mexican food outing.