Where Y’Eat: Gratitude for a Revealing Year of New Orleans Food

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New Orleans food is a gift we give ourselves and share with others. Now, in this season of giveaways, I want to recognize a key factor that never made it to the awards and was not included in all those roundups, rundowns and best of lists.

After another year following the ever-changing food and restaurant stories of this community, the people of New Orleans have left me in a renewed awe of their perseverance, their individuality, and their flowing heart. increase.

New Orleans cuisine is a story told in the garlic and cayenne of seafood boils, the crunch and crumbs of po’boy bread, the squirts of fatty oysters, and the lustrous shades of dark roux. But it’s beyond taste.

It’s the people of New Orleans, connected through a lifestyle centered around food.

People in New Orleans are more than just an audience or customer base. We are active participants, analysts, historians, and ambassadors for a richer idea of ​​shared food culture.

It shows how we relate to each other and weaves the story of our family into our food and restaurants. It is a way of celebrating the blessings of life and responding to the frustrations, losses and sorrows that life brings us.

The people of New Orleans are upholding our food traditions and working towards their future. It is the people who bring fresh energy from their own traditions, transplanted or evolved. It is people who innovate to meet changing needs and seize new opportunities. It’s been my privilege to be able to learn and share these stories, and near the end of this year, I carry many of them with me. My waistline proves it. But in a community like ours, the connection between people and places and the passage of time is on our plate, and it lives on in your heart too.

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