What Is ‘Nochebuena’? Vegan Tips for Christmas Eve

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The holiday season is probably the best time of the year, with gifts, friends and family, parties, and lots of food! It’s no excuse to serve.This year NochebuenaPETA, the Christmas Eve holiday celebrated in the Latinx community, is inspiring families around the world to celebrate with a vegan feast. vegan ham brands It’s easy to spare a pig while on vacation (and long after) for fun.

What happens to pigs that are eaten?

From the moment they are born to the day they are killed, pigs raised for food are surrounded by blood, dirt, fear, disease and death.

Farm workers sexually assault and artificially inseminate sows throughout their lives. The sow is confined in a gestation crate about two feet wide for most of the gestation period. This space is too small to turn around or even lie down comfortably.

Farmers separate piglets from their mothers when they are less than a month old. These defenseless baby tails are often unprotected, exposed to horrible sounds and odors, and severely abused by farmers. The tip of the piglet’s teeth and ears may be cut off.

At slaughterhouses, workers hang pigs upside down, submerge them in a bath of boiling water to remove the fur, and often stab them in the throat while they are unconscious.

All this happens while other animals line up, watching in horror and desperately awaiting their own painful death.

How many pigs die each year?

An estimated 121 million pigs are killed for food each year in the United States alone.

What is pig? Why you shouldn’t eat in Nochebuena

Pigs are playful, friendly, sensitive and intelligent animals. Like humans, they are soothed by music, love to play ball, and even enjoy getting massages. If given the choice, pigs will spend the day foraging, playing, and lying in the sun.

Here are some delicious vegan lechon (roasted ham) options from Noche Buena.

Check out the growing vegan butcher reserves.

Why You Should Be Vegan This Holiday Season

Many New Year’s resolutions include eating better, getting healthier, and doing more to make the world a kinder place. You can achieve all these goals by becoming You can also enjoy delicious and satisfying meals. Going vegan means we can save nearly 200 animals a year.

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