What Chefs and Food Writers Want to See More of in Dallas Dining in 2023

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Eater Dallas polled local chefs and journalists for their thoughts on the local food scene in 2022. I also asked them to look forward to 2023. Here are some ideas they hope will take root in the Dallas dining scene.

What are the new and innovative ideas born this year that you hope will continue into 2023?

Fearing’s Restaurant Chef Dean Fearing said:

“As food, beverage and labor costs rise, restaurants are changing the way they do business. Some of the best dishes I’ve been trying these days are not thrown in the trash because they’re not traditional, but the chefs have removed the veggies and scraps of meat and turned them into art. It’s what I’m turning into a work of art.”

Roots Southern Table Chef Tiffany Derry:

Chef Tiffany Derry looks down while serving food in a restaurant kitchen.

Chef Tiffany Derry cooks in the kitchen at Roots Southern Table.
Katie Tran

“There has been more collaboration between chefs and farmers this year. There have been many great dinners and events to raise funds for the very important farmers and ranchers. Thank you and I hope to see even more progress next year.

Nataly Keomoungkhoun, D Magazine Food Editor:

“A few weeks ago, I stopped by the Midnight Rambler below Jules and drank some Jell-O shots from the holiday cocktail menu called Miami Granny. and dried strawberry powder that mimics paprika. I’m looking forward to more creative beverages to come and look forward to next year.In my opinion, beverages are a great way to transport guests from one dish to the next and add a lot to the overall dining or outing experience. can bring.

Knife Chef Jon Tether:

“I think everyone is really open to supporting local farmers, ranchers and suppliers. Locally Sourced Ingredients Texas is a food-rich community, you shouldn’t get things from outside here.When food is in season, use what’s here. to be honest.”

John Alexis, Imperial Fizz Hospitality Group:

“I think 2023 will continue to focus more on great neighborhood restaurants. You can’t beat a spot in ”

Brendan Frankel, Chef of Rosewood Mansion in Turtle Creek, said:

A man in a short-sleeved white chef's jacket stands in front of a yellow-backlit dining room. There is a statue next to him on the left and a matching statue in the background on the right.

Brendan Frankel of Mansion Restaurant.
Rosewood Mansion Restaurant

“One of the trends I’m really excited about heading into 2023 is bringing back the simplicity of cooking. Allowing each individual to provide an authentic dining experience. Mansion focuses first on the ingredients and then on the cuisine, allowing the unique elements of the plate to really speak. ”

Brian Reinhart, Dining Critic for D Magazine:

“We’re starting to see an increase in prix fixe menu options, such as four-course menus. There are also more chef’s tasting-style menus in town than there were a year ago, and they’re not all twee or precious or $200. Next year, we’d love to recommend the fun $80 seasonal tasting menu experience as everyone’s new favorite special occasion dinner.”

Courtney E. Smith, Editor at Eater Dallas:

“Maybe it’s a controversial opinion, but I grew up near Houston and lived in San Antonio for a while, but Tex-Mex in Dallas is relatively bad. I’d love to see more (and I’m very happy to welcome Escondido Tex-Mex this year).

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