We buy Kentucky Fried Chicken’s box of New Year’s food, but it comes with a surprising extra

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I am troubled by a mysterious development.

Christmas is over and a quiet night has come to Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan. Christmas is the season to eat chicken…or rather, it’s the same in Japan.

But KFC Japan clearly wants to expand its reach during the holiday season. For the past three years, the chain has attempted to enter the market for osechi, a traditional New Year’s dish. “Kentucky Oju”. A cute and delicious take-out box with 2-3 layers of deep-fried food in a box decorated with Japanese patterns. I buy my Japanese reporter Ahiruneko every year, and it was the same this year.

▼ “Oju” is food that has many layers.

A limited number of Kentucky king beasts appear Three types: plum (“Ume”) 2,490 yen (US$18.66), bamboo (“Bamboo”) 2,840 yen, pine tree (Matsu) 3,390 yen. The bamboo and pine trees recommended by Ahiruneko have three layers instead of two. I mean, who doesn’t want more layers?He breaks them down one by one, increasing the excitement with each level revealed.

The Kentucky Oju box is made of cardboard and not reusable (unlike most other Osechi box sets), but it’s still filled with New Year’s cheer. bamboo boxcan be seen here.

on the first layer KFC original chicken 6 pieceswhich is their classic fried bone-in piece.

Duck Cat ate roast and smoked chicken from KFC this Christmas, but he couldn’t finish the year without also eating fried chicken. That crispy, juicy gooness was a huge relief to his psyche.

another box was included five chicken nuggets

…When two biscuits.

And the contents of the last box are small bag of french fries

…and three “Plump and soft fried shrimp”.

I had never eaten a duck cat before, but when I tried it for the first time, I found it very delicious. The batter was very crunchy but somehow wonderfully light and not overpowering.The prawns themselves were surprisingly large. The special tartar sauce that comes with it enhances the taste.

If you purchase each of these separately, the bill will cost about 3,450 yen, so Buy this box and save about 610 yenUmebako and Matsubako are good deals of 190 yen and 830 yen respectively, so Umebako is not a great deal in terms of price. After all, the three-layer box is the most profitable.

yet, All boxes also include a “Coupon Pass”so you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Can be used any number of times Until March 31st.This year “Otoshidama Coupon Pass”is named after the gift envelopes that adults give to children on New Year’s Day.

But… wait a minute. Where did you see this “Otoshidama Coupon Pass”? Duck Cat vaguely remembered watching it while waiting to pick up Kentucky Oju.Was it on the poster advertising the kentucky lucky bag? let’s see…

there were food vouchercan be used at any KFC nationwide…

of KFC original tote bag

And… eh!?

of Otoshidama Coupon Pass?!

There must have been some mistake. Duck Cat double-checked the coupon pass that Oju had given her…it was exactly the same. no way! Even though the lucky bag is on sale for one day only, the duck cat has a New Year’s gift coupon pass that should be included in the lucky bag!?

They probably don’t offer the same discount. When Ahiruneko checked the back of the New Year’s gift coupon, she found that the chocolate pie and small drink set, the chicken 3-piece and nugget 5-piece set, the chicken fillet burger 1 piece and chicken fillet burger (cheese or spicy) were discounted. was ) set.

The poster doesn’t show the details of the New Year’s gift voucher that comes with the lucky bag, so I’m not sure if that’s the case. But the duck cat knew only one thing. But if they have the same name…

this is no doubt A quick look at the website revealed that Oju was advertised as coming with the pass. I’m curious.

The KFC Fukubukuro will be on sale only on January 1st, so we’ll wait and see. That said, lucky bags from the gyudon restaurant Yoshinoya and the Japanese yakuza fashion brand Birth Japan have already been sold, so of course I opened them right away. As the New Year approaches, look forward to the unveiling of more lucky bags!

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