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Beijing, December 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recent FDA Approval for Upside Foods’ Farmed Chicken in the U.S. November 16th Demonstrate a positive attitude for the adoption of cultured meat and other food innovations in the global market. A month after FDA approval, another milestone has been reached.upon December 22nd, the AgFood Future Center of Excellence (AGF) and the Agricultural Food Partnership (AFP) co-hosted the online event, which for the first time included regulatory experts from two of the largest potential markets for meat innovation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (FDA) and the China Center for Food Safety and Risk Assessment (CFSA) discussed the regulatory approval process and outlook for cultured meat in these two major markets. The event was supported and attended by the Agriculture and Rural Areas (MARA) and the China Meat Association (CMA). Chinese protein innovation market.

The Agfood Future Center of Excellence (AGF), the main organizer of this event, promotes protein innovation development. China This includes partnering with AFP since 2018 to organize ongoing policy dialogues between regulators and industry representatives from China and the United States. Ultimately, it provides an opportunity for all players involved in protein innovation.” Ryan Xue, Chairman of Agfood Future. Xue said, “This detailed sharing between the United States and China It will be of great significance to governments and industries interested in adopting food innovations to help shape the future of food innovation and food in the United States. China, and the world. ” Jennifer LeeDirector General of AFP, “We areAmaichi landlord sum(Chinese idiom) When looking at the coordination of time, earth (environment) and people (between).” By bringing together industry leaders, technology experts, investors and regulators on protein innovation Only can we achieve food production and systems that provide consumers with safe, high-quality, affordable and nutritious food while achieving food security.

Jeremiah Fasano, Senior Policy Advisor for the FDA’s Office of Regulatory Review, delivered a keynote address at the event. Fasano played a key role in Upside’s premarket approval process and is an FDA expert on cultured meat. He expressed his FDA’s continued support for food technology innovation, and said industry representatives would “discuss food technology developments, promote industry progress, and resolve food safety issues.” We encourage you to connect “early and often” to Fasano also shared his perspective on the meat innovation industry landscape, saying, “The FDA is in contact with various companies and is preparing public guidelines for the industry.” He added, “As companies engage with more regulators, more reviews and approvals are completed, adding to the global body of knowledge to jointly advance food technology innovation and food safety.” will be done,” he explained.

Xiaohong WangDeputy Director General, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARA) Chinese The Institute of Food and Nutrition Development said that Chinese regulators will continue to attach great importance to food safety and continue to conduct safety evaluations of innovative meat products, while developing new technologies to meet the growing market. He also announced that he would consider the contribution ofIn addition, comprehensively consider the acceptability of cultured meat, etc. to consumers. JanssonDirector of Division III Risk Assessment, CFSA, emphasized:China In 2023, we plan to focus more on food safety assessment of cell-cultured meat. Additionally, the 2023 plan includes the establishment of an expert working group to ensure that innovation, industry development and food safety move forward together. Organized by AgFood Future and AFP, we look forward to the upcoming follow-up in 2023.

A platform for international collaboration, AgFood Future is a non-profit association that connects over 400 of the world’s leading organizations towards the common goal of agri-food sustainability for food system transformation. China Across global supply chains.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, projects and opportunities to engage in protein innovation, agrifood sustainability and innovation.Please contact us Helen Wang For more information or to join the AgFood Future initiative, please contact [email protected].

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