Uber Eats released its yearly food cravings report

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  • Among the most popular Uber Eats delivery pairings in the US were burritos and cheese, fries and salt, soup and bread.

  • Others ordered unique combinations such as pickles and whipped cream or watermelon and mustard.

  • Some customers have made their own shipping requests.

(KTLA) — It’s year-end roundup season.

Uber Eats is the latest company to share an annual overview detailing the most popular takeout trends, delivery combos, and unique delivery requests received this year.

For the most popular takeout trends for 2022, Uber Eats found that people preferred non-alcoholic to alcoholic beverages, wanted ranch dressing less than in previous years, and ordered Klondike Choco Taco ice cream at convenience stores. We shared a surge. It was deprecated earlier this year.

The company also shared that fries and hash browns were the most requested by people on Thanksgiving, and Negronis Subagliato with Prosecco was the fall’s most popular drink, thanks in large part to the viral TikTok video. did.

Below are the most popular delivery combos in the US.:

  • burrito + cheese
  • French fries + salt
  • Cheeseburger + chopped onion
  • chicken sandwich + french fries
  • Breakfast sandwich + American cheese
  • soup + bread
  • pancake + sausage
  • pizza + mozzarella
  • salad + balsamic vinegar
  • Quesadilla + sour cream

Some wanted to try unique food combinations.

It contained some unexpected combinations:

  • ham + cream cheese
  • fruit roll up + hot cheat
  • pickles + whipped cream
  • popcorn + pickle juice
  • dark chocolate + tomato salad
  • pizza + applesauce
  • sushi + ranch
  • peanut butter + pizza
  • cheese + martini
  • watermelon + mustard

The company also shared a unique delivery request from an Uber Eats customer. One customer asked for a picture of a dinosaur to be drawn with his food, while another said that the restaurant added cheese to his pizza because he loves eating his wife’s pizza and is lactose intolerant. I asked if I could do without it.

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