Twitch streamer gets food stolen by giant crow in bizarre livestream encounter

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Published: 2022-12-25T15:24:01

Has been updated: 2022-12-25T15:24:25

A Twitch streamer had his food hijacked by a giant stealth scorpion on a bizarre Japanese livestream.

Twitch streamer Crazy_Japanese was about to enjoy a nice meal on the streets of Japan when a giant crow popped in without warning and took off with his merchandise.

The clip was captured on stream, leaving the chat stunned. Even with the help of video, it’s hard to process such a bizarre event, especially with the speed at which it happened.

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Twitch streamer attacked by giant bird

At one point, the streamer introduced his food to the camera and let Chat take a closer look at it for himself.

Understandably, she was so shocked by the incident and accepted what had happened that she almost froze on the spot, but it’s no surprise that viewers laugh and chip away at the supportive “yoink” comments on Bird’s behalf. did not stop

All things considered, she remained relatively calm in the immediate aftermath. From the outside, it might look like a comical event, but in reality, her hands were in serious danger because they were so close to the impact zone.

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Luckily nothing will come out of this situation and will live on mainly as an interesting story for her to tell in the future, but it’s still a scary way for anyone to have their lunch interrupted.

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