This modern electric cargo bike will make food delivery guys happy chappies

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Friday could be the odd home party that brings joy to the next weekend and calls for local snacks and fast food from popular restaurants. Pick up the phone, order food like there’s no tomorrow, and wait for the courier to arrive.

Everyone’s eyes light up when the courier arrives with your food. But the person who got your delivery safely home on time will look exhausted and confused.

Designer: Anastasia Berg

The motivation for this concept cargo bike is the main project by Anastasia at the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences, which aims to increase the comfort of couriers around the world through chalk and cheese in the city streets to deliver daily couriers. is to be considerate. Never miss a day.

The motivation for this student project is to use Berlin as an example of food delivery in a safe and healthy way for delivery personnel. Another major consideration is the need for cargo motorcycles specifically designed for modern food delivery. Most often, such food deliveries are made using regular or electric bicycles in the city.

This is the D-VIL e-bike concept that considers all aspects of food delivery in the city. Rider/Corporate offices, large businesses, need for repairability, durability, recyclability, robustness, etc. Some of the inherent challenges of delivering food in a crowded city include the size of the bike, the agility of carrying things like bottles and heavy groceries, the constant need to check your phone for directions, and sometimes bad weather. . All of this creates a sense of uneasiness and danger in the subconscious of the delivery man.

One of the undeniable drawbacks is that the backpack is always carried when the vehicle is not fitted with a storage box. This can lead to long-term health problems. Anything else creates traffic restrictions and hinders the driving experience. Add to all these problems the pressure to deliver things on time and the whole thing feels like a daunting task every time. and an array of dedicated luggage compartments aims to overcome all these problems to some extent.

A glass roof on top protects against unpredictable weather conditions without compromising the feeling of openness while driving. For added stability, the rear wheel consists of a swingarm module with two wheels joined together and reinforced by an impressive suspension. Overall, electric cargo bikes have a more modern feel. Look at that drive panel and interior.

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