This $2,900 tiny food truck is pulled by an electric bike

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You might be wondering why food trucks play such a big role in this week’s surprisingly bizarre Alibaba electric car column. After all, they tend to pop up in these weekly entries pretty often. It seems to lie in the fact that I like to make it as complicated as possible by adding Or sometimes we subtract, as in this case, if we subtract the track. Instead, there are bicycle-powered food truck carts.

Yes, I know it’s technically not an electric car. At least not yet. But in order for him to qualify as one of China’s weirdest EVs in this column, he needs to tweak a little.

Just wait a few hours and you can bolt a simple $280 e-bike motor kit to the front wheel of your bike and add a $220 e-bike battery. I got an e-bike trailer cart.

And boy, is it worth it! Considering the base price is his modest $2,880, we can ride his e-bike hood his truck for just over 3 grams.

Well, before shipping and customs. But we’ll get to that later.

What I love about this contraption is how original the design is.

Not only is this a food truck bike, it’s actually both a cart and a bike. The two appear to be joined at the rear axle of a bicycle in the classic demonstration that the “whole is better than the sum of its parts”.

Perhaps pull the rear wheel of your bike, lock it into the axle-style hitch of your cart, and off you go!

There is no clear mechanism for how the bike actually works Authority But our front wheel electric bike motor kit takes the worry out of that minor problem. Perhaps the designer has connected the rear axle mounts to a fancy drive system that rotates one or more of the cart’s wheels. But with an e-bike kit, you can make the pedals work as footrests.

The rear cart mounting seems a little plain Jane for now. It’s like someone stretched out a phone booth, added wheels, and said, “Here’s your coffee.”

In reality, there is nothing like a coffee setup or a taco counter that you can use to run your own food service. But it has a flip-down serving window, a small counter with a sink, and a lot more potential.

Of course, I know this is destined to be a food truck customized to the needs of your own business, but I think you’re missing a whole second market here: the e-bike RV!

We’ve seen Alibaba’s tiny camper before, but this takes the concept even further, at least oddly. In terms of range you probably won’t get very far at all, but think of it like a mobile home that doesn’t go too far. You can add on and finally add some shelves on the other side and you’ll get the smallest electric RV for two people. Well, if you two don’t mind living in a fairly intimate space.

It’s probably a good idea to remove some of those windows before this becomes a full camper van. It looks great as a food truck, but the greenhouse effect when trying to live in a greenhouse can be… a little uncomfortable I can’t.

You can run a small evaporative cooler that consumes very little power at 85W. A few 100W solar panels on the roof of your ride will give you plenty of extra power to charge your e-bike battery.

See, I’m not saying this is the end of it all and it’s going to be a small camper. I’m not saying it’s a good food truck bike. morning I’ve been told this is as weird as it comes out on Alibaba and that’s why I love it.

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