These Twin Cities Restaurants Stepped Up for Their Communities in 2022

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It’s Eater’s tradition to end the year with a survey of local food experts (editors, writers, reporters, and a select few others) about the highs, lows, and surprises in dining over the past 365 days. Today our panel looks at the local restaurants that stepped up for their communities in 2022 and how they did it. Have an idea to share? Feel free to add them in the comments.

Stephanie March, Food and Dining Editor Mpls. St. Paul Magazine

I believe the Fhima family continues to support and host charities, provide lots of free food to those in need, and work hard to champion the downtown scene (this is very important flag).

Mecca Bos, Food Writer, Chef, Founder of Hidden BIPOC Foodways

Owamni remains the most important restaurant in the country. Ideas like “local” and “farm to table” are meaningless and empty without an Indigenous perspective, focusing on the true and original meaning of American cuisine.

Trish Gavin, Bar Master, Eat Street Crossing Beverage Director

I really love and appreciate what Houston White is doing in Northern Minneapolis. SPECIALTIES HIS COFFEE WITH A MISSION TO MAKE COFFEE ACCESSIBLE AND DIVERSE I love his shop and how diverse his side and his commitment to BIPOC make our scene I’m thinking of changing it.

James Norton, Editor and Co-Founder of the Heavy Table Newsletter

This is kind of an unconventional interpretation of the question, but I think the arrival of Owamuni is a big deal for everyone around here — to stories of pre-colonial American Indian pantries and saved food. Brought much recognition (.and lost) after the colonial conquest of the United States. It has already become an important part of the structure of the culinary story and means a lot to so many people.

Eater Twin Cities Editor Justin Jones

Owamni’s mission is remarkable at all its layers, as is that of Midtown Global Markets’ NATIFS and Indigenous Food Research Institute.

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